More on cats

Now that I have discovered through the Time Magazine quiz that cats indicate that someone is to the left, I take a more jaundiced eye to the little freeloader that we have taken in. Here is a further continuation of the same story as before but under this innocent title Research Claims Your Cat Thinks You’re Just Another (Big!) Cat but which then goes on:

Sure, cats are as cute as the next fuzzy mammal and kittens are all-out adorable, but felines enjoy hunting and killing things, and they don’t seem to care much for humans either. Unlike the ‘I’ll-love-you-and-be-your-best-friend-forever-no-matter-what!’ enthusiasm you get from a dog, cats always seem to be giving me the side eye, and in turn, I usually feel the need to give it right back.

Cats are wild animals and independent. What more could anyone else ask for to share their lives with?