Women as sex objects

You’ve come a long way, baby etc: J. Lo’s crotch-pride was a studied rebuke of Trump’s America. Weird to find myself back at the Super Bowl half time show, but this article on the back page of today’s Sunday Age reminds me how tribal and ignorant politics is. Feminism was once about pointing out that there was more to a girl’s life than sex appeal and adornment. I find this such sexist trash that it has truly made me angry. Written by someone by name of Jacqueline Maley. Might say that for someone who was interested in the game itself, this is in almost every way a fantastically ignorant piece of writing. Some excerpts:

As all but one of Trump’s Republican colleagues were preparing to vote against his impeachment in the US Senate – abandoning duty for cowardice – two Latina women stood in front of 102 million American viewers and performed a joyous and studied critique of Trump’s America….

It was political, but it was also a shout of joy in a dark time. Sometimes quite literally – the Children’s Chorus of Miami, a troupe of little girls led by J. Lo’s daughter Emme, rose from the darkness to sing the chorus of J. Lo’s 1999 hit Let’s Get Loud.

For a moment we saw a vision of a world where little girls are allowed to get loud, and it was glorious.

Jennifer Lopez upset the tabloid moralists with her performance at the Super Bowl.

The reality that Maley doesn’t seem to get is that this is actually the trashing of women that people such as myself object to. Why Maley doesn’t object is because she is so confused by her tribal membership on the left, that everything that once mattered has become invisible.

So let me bring this up to date. This is the definition of Sexual objectification from Wikipedia:

Sexual objectification is the act of treating a person as a mere object of sexual desireObjectification more broadly means treating a person as a commodity or an object without regard to their personality or dignity. Objectification is most commonly examined at the level of a society, but can also refer to the behavior of individuals and is a type of dehumanization.

And this is the picture plus text that comes with the definition:

Women in a bikini contest are valued by their body and sexual appeal over other attributes.

Compare and contrast this picture with the one above.