The media enablers of the worst president in history

The Diplomad has an excellent post today that recognises both the extraordinary incompetence of the Obama administration and couples this with the American media who are to a large extent responsible for the dismal state of both the economy and the foreign relations by not reporting what they clearly and perfectly well know themselves. Obama is their man and regardless of the harm he does, they will never allow it to be said that their judgment was in any way impaired in backing him to the hilt. The title of the post is The Media and Obama: Hitting The Disgust Quota. This is just one of the paras in what is a post to be read from end to end:

Everywhere else one looks abroad one sees the consequences of this misadministration’s incompetence, delusions, and anti-Americanism. They turned victory in Iraq into defeat: Iran is now the predominant player in Iraq. They have done the same in Afghanistan, allowing the Taliban and AQ to reappear after the decisive defeat administered them. In Egypt, they sold out Mubarak, and got in exchange the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim world openly ridicules and attacks us. Israel increasingly fears for its survival as Obama refuses to stand up to Iran’s mad pretensions. Obama has betrayed Poland and actively sought to undermine the UK in its confrontation with the Argentines over the Falklands. In Asia, the misadministration’s fecklessness re Russia and China is having serious consequences for the global economy and for key US interests and allies in the region. The insane Communist monarchy in North Korea grows evermore aggressive and dismissive of the United States. In this hemisphere, we see a deliberate stiffing of our Canadian friends, and a policy of drift and disengagement that alienates allies such as Chile and Colombia, allows autocrats such as Chavez, Ortega, Correa, Morales, and Castro a free hand, encourages clowns such as Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez to drive her economy into the ground, and has turned the OAS into an anti-American sounding board. The one effective policy the misadministration had in Latin America was the selling of guns to drug cartels.

He also covers domestic policy along the same lines. Meanwhile today Dick Cheney is quoted as saying:

I think our friends no longer count on us, no longer trust us and our adversaries don’t fear us.

But it’s the media. No Republican could survive this level of incompetence and damage without an end-to-end banshee wail from the media. That they don’t even tap him on the wrist is where the disgust really lies. Even Obama would be better if he had even a small measure of the criticisms he deserves but he receives virtually none at all.