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UPDATE: Bushfires: Greta Thunberg lashes ‘political inaction’. Is it possible for her to be more stupid and obnoxious? Actually it is. This is only mid-level for her.

And from where we were before_______

The Greens, of course. Everyone cares about the environment with no exceptions. But really, first the response from Scott Morrison (now back in Oz): Action to be taken on managing fuel loads: Scott Morrison.

Scott Morrison has flagged a push to overhaul the management of fuel loads in national parks as well as the rules around land and native vegetation clearing as he warned the fires would rage on after the Christmas period.

In a media blitz this morning, the Prime Minister stood firm against ramping up Australia’s climate change commitments after meeting with NSW fire crews and opening the door for compensation for volunteers fighting the nearly 200 blazes across the nation.

Speaking on 2GB, Mr Morrison said that action was “absolutely” needed to better address “how fuel loads are managed in national parks” and said a greater focus should be placed on the “rules that sit around clearing trees” close to properties.

He warned that some people had been “quite difficult” in preventing progress in these areas but agreed it was necessary to change the existing rules.

“Some people” is it? Who are these people, which party are their representatives and who are their leaders?

Everyone is a “green” in some sense but not when it comes to this: Bushfires: More than 1000 homes set to be destroyed, and dead people as well. There are people who are personally responsible for this devastation which has nothing to do with global warming, but quite a lot to do with global idiocy.

The children’s crusade

I endured Q&A only because Alan Jones was on, but they left him almost entirely out of it until the last moment when they turned to climate change. So he told the story of how he had asked Tanya Plibersek the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and she had not known. How could she even begin to pontificate on such an issue without such a basic fact, he asked, at which moment he turned to Ms Workman, journalist at The Oz, and asked her the same question. AND SHE DID NOT KNOW!!!!

Great television. So here’s a prediction for the next election: global warming climate change will not be an issue. It has already crested and is now in retreat. It is heading into global moron territory.

The video, by the way, is from 2014.

MORNING UPDATE: Just wandered into the kitchen and who should they be replaying on Channel 10 but Alan Jones and the snippet on climate change from last night. And there was Kerry-Anne defending Alan Jones and saying how mad it is to ruin our economy over such an unproven bit of nonsense.

You can watch Alan Jones for yourself. The entire segment takes six minutes but Alan comes in around four minutes in.

Here is the news report where the twitter feed is taken from with this as the sub-heading: There’s always a cringeworthy moment on Q&A and it came in the form of Alan Jones trying to take on this topic. Here is how the report describes what happened.

The 2GB host then went on about how much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere and reeled off so many numbers in a row, no one could keep up.

“It’s 0.04 per cent, and of that 0.04 of a per cent, human beings around the world create 3 per cent. And of that 3 per cent Australia creates 1.3 per cent. So for the 1.3 per cent of 3 per of 0.04 per cent we then decide to have a national economic suicide note.”

Everyone was waiting for him to get out a bag of rice (you can relive that moment in the video above), but thankfully Tony Jones stepped in after pleas from the panel to make Alan stop.

They only tried to make him stop him because they had no answers to what he said.

The Green Socialist agenda

What is most useful in the greater scheme of things is that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is more proof than anyone could wish to have how mad they are, but also that they have an agenda. But just because you and I think they’re mad doesn’t mean they won’t get their way on much of what they seek. There are plenty out there just like them. Green Socialism is the farthest extreme of mass poverty creation ever devised, but as Maduro in Venezuela makes all too evident, just because they have wrecked the place does not mean you can change course once they take political power into their own hands. The rest is from Drudge this morning.


Rebuild every single building in USA...
Phase out air travel in next 10 years...

Government-guaranteed job for all!
Money for people 'unwilling to work'... 
Socialist wish list...
2020 litmus test...
Print money to pay for it?
Ocasio-Cortez boosts progressive theory that deficits aren't so scary...
Cries at defund ICE press conference...
VIDEO: Venezuelan socialism victims send message to Americans... 

AND HERE IS THAT AGENDA: Taken down, probably on orders from Democrat Central Command, but you know the aims and intent still lurk in the hearts of evil doers everwhere. Here it is on Scribd.

The Green New Deal

If there is any lingering doubt how insane they are just read it for yourself.

Via Scott Johnson at Powerline: MS. Found in a Memory Hole.