I hope he didn’t stick it under his chair

It’s in Hindi, but every so often you hear the words “chewing gum” and there’s no doubt what it’s about. Is he still a smoker? Does he need Nicorettes even after at least six years? Is the media in the US covering up even about this too? In India, apparently, it is GWB they prefer, which may be why this bit of disrespect was reported on.

“Indians are pro-Bush,” said Gurcharan Das, a prominent writer. “He saw that with China rising, America needed a big country to be an ally. He hyphenated India with China and de-hyphenated it with Pakistan and Indians loved that.”

Whatever the view may be of him elsewhere, in India the 43rd president is seen as a straight-talking statesman. In 2008, Modi’s predecessor as prime minister, Manmohan Singh, assured Bush: “The Indian people deeply love you.”…

The things that drive other foreigners nuts—the unshakable certitude, the folksy language—Indians like.

“George W. Bush occupies a special place in the minds of many Indian foreign policy elites,” Sadanand Dhume, an India-born specialist on the country at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C. “In a nutshell, Bush took India seriously.”

Meanwhile, Obama takes nothing seriously, other than his amour-propre.

“What are you made of, George?” Now we know

Never try to outdrink an Aussie. As the story says, “John Newcombe, who was with the the former president on the night he was pulled over DUI, has revealed what really happened, and how the politician was a bit of a ‘party boy’ back then.” Well, we knew that about GWB, and in fact, this may have been the moment Bush decided to give it all up.

The sportsman, who was inducted into the Australian Hall of Fame on Friday evening, had not met the younger Bush, but as they were similar ages they decided to go out with Bush’s younger sister and his father’s press sectary Peter Roussol.

During the evening Bush tried to ‘keep pace’ with Newcombe, then 32, while drinking ‘reasonably-sized’ mugs of beer and played a ‘silent game’ with him.

Newcombe told Melbourne radio station SEN: ‘After about four of these, I picked the glass up in my teeth without my hands and skulled it straight down and I said, “What are you made of, George?” And so he had to do that.’

What’s more amazing is that Newcombe could live like that and still return serve. There were giants in their time.