If only logic had anything to do with it

Something to read and ponder: Four Reasons “Gender Theory” Is Ridiculous. Actually it’s a test: can you believe six impossible things before breakfast. And on the left they all can. Just one bit, but as funny as it is, a very depressing article when you think about it.

Never mind that any culture we could visit on a class field trip at any time in history would only present to us the binary male/female system we have in our own communities. And we will not have any difficulty determining the males from the females as they both have an unmistakable essence, even apart from body parts. Few things in nature are so obvious. So, as serious students, we must raise our hand and ask how all the diverse cultures of the world have just happened to “construct” the same exact two sexes, in the generally same ways. While it’s a totally legitimate question, your professor is starting to see you as a trouble-maker.