More news Americans don’t know

animus river

Once they have you hooked on the idea that everything that’s important will be reported and fairly at that, the leftmedia are able to swindle the wilfully ignorant. Nowadays, of course, these same people trust the media never to disturb their belief systems with inconvenient facts. Just think of this. It is Hugh Hewitt (HH) talking to Mark Steyn (MS) about the toxic dump by the Environment Protection Agency of the US on the Animus River in Colorado:

HH: Now I wanna do a test on my audience if they know the name Shaun McGrath. Shaun McGrath turns out to be the regional administrator of the EPA, formerly the mayor of Boulder. He joined the Obama administration as the deputy director of Intergovernmental Affairs at the White House in January of 2009. He is a political hack just like the OPM director Katherine Archuleta was a political hack. And Gina McCarthy didn’t show up at the “Yellow River” for a week. She’s running EPA. Remember the heck-of-a-job Brownie – remember after Katrina when it wasn’t even Bush’s fault that the mayor and the governor couldn’t get their acts together? This is a – they actually caused it! They punched the hole in the dyke, Mark! And no one knows the name or the fact that they’re political hacks from Team Obama.

MS: No, I know! And you know, the funny thing about it is all the people that I hear from because I’m in a big climate lawsuit at the moment. So I get hammered as a denier by all the usual people – the people that know the name of every Koch brother. The people who find if there’s some Zeppo Koch sitting on the board of some obscure NPR affiliate in the middle of nowhere – we’ll bombard NPR to demand that Zeppo Koch be removed from the board of advisors to the NPR affiliate. None of them are advertising these names. It’s the usual big climate mafia’s code of omerta. They all circle the wagons around the guilty bureaucrats…

HH: This really fits with your new book, “A Disgrace to the Profession”, because it is a disgrace to the profession. Your argument with Michael Mann on climate – here we have a real example where there are twelve thousand times the lawful levels of lead in this river now headed towards Mexico and Utah. People could get really sick doing this, but we have no coverage, yet we’re worried about the mythical rise of the oceans fifty years from now because the former was done by the Left on the orders by the Left in an attempt to take over the clean-up of Colorado mines and the other is a hypothetical imaginary threat that benefits the agenda of the Left. I don’t think it’s ever been this obvious to people.

I don’t think it’s obvious at all unless you care to look, which would first require the media to say what is going on. So the question is, what are the American media like that? Why are they knowingly contributing to the utter ruin of their own country, in the same way that the same kind of leftmedia in ours does the same. Do they actually want union corruption to continue? Would they like to see illegal migrants return? Are they complete economic zombies about public spending? Do they really not care if we end up like Greece? It is a mystery, but disturbing whatever may be the cause.

The trillion dollar question

Right before our eyes we are being lied to by official institutions of the state, by large slabs of the media and by a majority of the scientists of the world publishing in this area. There was a theory: increases in atmospheric carbon would lead to a greenhouse effect which would warm the planet by a few degrees which would in turn lead to a series of climatic changes which would cause immense damage. The one piece of evidence was the correlation between higher concentrations of CO2 and rising temperatures. Now that the correlation has broken during the past 15 years, there ought to be a bit of mea culpa and a major re-evaluation of the science and the associated carbon abatement policies. Well you would think.

The Global Warming Policy Foundation, set up by Nigel Lawson, has published this quite interesting series of comments on the problems now being faced by the IPCC and the rest of the scientific community on this incredible gravy train of research grants and fellowships. Accurately titled as The IPCC’s Great Dilemma it highlights how they are going to keep this going for just a bit longer. Mostly just quotes but they are all of a piece with the first of them:

The IPCC’s dilemma is this. How can it expect the public to believe that recent warming is mostly manmade when the models on which it has based this claim have been shown to be fatally flawed?

The question comes down to what Groucho Marx once asked, “Who ya gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes.” This is not even the million dollar question, or the billion dollar question but the trillion dollar question. In fact, what comes after trillion because if we continue with this into the future that is the kind of impact this will have on global living standards even over the short time span of the next twenty years.

UPDATE: It’s not Groucho but Chico from Duck Soup:

Mrs. Teasdale: Your Excellency, I thought you’d left!
Chicolini: Oh no, I no leave.
Mrs. Teasdale: But I saw you with my own eyes!
Chicolini: Well, who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?