Your liberties are being taken away

This is the title Virologist accuses Fauci of cover-up – Video but just try getting the video. Try yourself, because I could not. Here’s the entire post:

“You need to wake up! Your liberties are being taken away, all because of the fake news that’s out there.”

Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD., molecular biologist and science researcher, accuses Dr Anthony Fauci of directing a cover-up.” What he (Fauci) is saying is absolute propaganda, the same kind of propaganda that he’s perpetrated to kill millions since 1984,” says Dr Mikovits, a former AIDS scientist. She says Fauci was responsible for the deaths of millions during the early years of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

(For those ten people in the world who may not know who Fauci is, he is director of the National Institute or Allergy and Infectious Diseases and has been heading the corona virus pandemic task force.)


Mikovits, who wrote the book Plague of Corruption, is featured in a video attempting to expose Fauci, but the video keeps being removed from YouTube, Facebook and other outlets. That video can be seen here:

Here are a few excerpts from the video:

“If we activate mandatory vaccines globally, I imagine these people that own the vaccines (Fauci, Redfield, Gates) stand to make hundreds of billions of dollars,” says Mikovits.

And yet, “there is no vaccine currently on the schedule for any rna virus that works.”

“If Fauci can’t be honest with the public about his connection with this lab (the Wuhan Institute of Virology), then Fauci has to go.”

Doctors wonder: “Why are we being pressured to add ‘covid’ to death certificates?”

Answer: “To increase the numbers…fear is a great way to control people.”

“Doctors are being incentivized to say that people died of Covid-19.” “Yeah. Thirteen thousand dollars from Medicare if you call it Covid-19.”

“In a survey polling nearly 2,300 doctors in 30 countries, hydroxychlorquine ranked as the most effective medication to treat the virus.”

“There is (sic) no dissenting voices allowed any more in this free country.”

“It’s beyond comprehension how a society can be so fooled, that the types of propaganda continue to where they’re just driving us to hate each other.”

“You need to wake up! Your liberties are being taken away, all because of the fake news that’s out there.”

Mikovits also accuses Anthony Fauci, head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and a prominent member of the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force, of being responsible for the deaths of millions during the early years of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Thanks to Michele Selover for this video.

Again, the video can be seen here:

Actually at the time of posting, the video cannot be seen. They may really be taking your liberties away. You may know it, you may be able to observe it. But you won’t be able to do a thing.

What you think you know can kill you

Every time I see the face of Dr Fauci while telling us about Corona Virus I realise how much he must have had a bollocking from the President since from the start I was aware of what a complete lying incompetent he was. The reason I mention him is that he is the closest we can see to what conditions would have been like had Hilary been elected instead of DJT. First this:

Dr. Anthony Fauci cheered New York and California governors for crashing their economies today due to the threat of the coronavirus. Between the two states that have seen 70 deaths from the virus so far.

Dr. Fauci also downplayed the three international studies using chloroquine and Z-Pac combination to fight the coronavirus. The French study showed a 100% success rate with patients in 6 days.

Maybe it should come as no surprise then that Dr. Fauci offered glowing praise for Crooked Hillary in a leaked January 26, 2016 email.

Then there’s this from just today [you have to put up with the word “rant” since the media are almost universally liars and fools]: Dr Anthony Fauci facepalms and rolls his eyes as President Trump rants about the ‘deep state’ during coronavirus press conference.

  • Coronavirus Task Force doctor Anthony Fauci appeared to roll his eyes and smirk at President Trump during a press conference Friday  
  • Dr Fauci has contradicted and rebuked Trump’s claims about the coronavirus multiple times in recent months 
  • Last month, Dr Fauci was forced to deny claims he was ‘muzzled’ by President Trump for his blunt assessments about the impact of COVID-19 

The one thing you may be sure of is that he was “muzzled” in the sense that he was told in no uncertain terms that he is an untrustworthy dimwit and if he doesn’t work within the team, he will be out on his ear. The Deep State is your enemy. You can see it in the way the media will say not an unkind word about the Chinese origins of the CV. In fact, all they do is rant on themselves about the so-called racism of saying that a virus that originated n China originated in China. If you can’t say something negative about the President, don’t say it at all is the policy.

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