Dangerous roads

The first in an article on The 20 Most Dangerous Roads In The World (20 Photos)

Karakoram Highway

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Connecting China to Pakistan, the “Friendship Highway” is actually not friendly at all. It’s 16,000 feet in the air, meaning altitude sickness is a serious issue for anyone braving its sharp turns. It also has the usual landslides, avalanches, rock slides and unpaved lanes common to mountain highways. You’re basically driving a narrow lane with flat rock on one side and an unguarded death drop on the other – plus it’s full of buses taking people to K2.

It’s a wild world out there. I’ve driven the Barton Highway between Yass and Canberra many times over without a scratch, but it is a complete pussy compared with the rest. No idea why it’s included [Number 8 on the list so these are definitely not ordered according to their intrinsic danger]. I have, however, driven the Canadian Rockies in the bad old days before the guardrails were put in, but in summer, and when young and with total awareness that one false move and its over. The roadways pictured are madness, and in the places where many of them are, the drivers are probably paid not much more than a few dollars an hour.