Confound it

sea ice stats

Climate scientists are possibly the only people more surprised by how the world is unfolding than Keynesian economists:

ANTARCTIC sea ice has expan­ded to its greatest coverage since records began in 1978, continuing to confound climate scien­tists and proving even more hazardous than usual for shipping in the Southern Ocean.

Yet there is no one politically more dangerous than someone who has been shown to be wrong. Saving a billion or two makes no difference since nothing related to the real world will get these people to change their minds. There was then this the other day:

NOAA – 246 Low Max Records Broken or Tied From Sept 1 to Sept 10. Some records broken by 16F.

I’m sure that confounded a few people as well. The “I’m a Global Warmist and I Vote” crowd are doing an awful lot of harm but how do you stop it?

The highest quality climate science

At least they met but why the secrecy. This is by Nigel Lawson in the latest edition of The Spectator:

The long-discussed meeting between a group of climate scientists and Fellows of the Royal Society on the one side, and me and some colleagues from my think-tank, the Global Warming Policy Foundation on the other, has now at last taken place. It was held behind closed doors in a committee room at the House of Lords, the secrecy — no press present — at the insistence of the Royal Society Fellows, an insistence I find puzzling given the clear public interest in the issue of climate change in general and climate change policy in particular.

The origins go back almost a year, to a lecture by the president of the Royal Society, the biologist Sir Paul Nurse. In it he chose to launch a gratuitous personal attack on me, making a number of palpably false allegations. I wrote to him, pointing out his errors, and he replied — somewhat changing his tune — conceding that ‘it is quite legitimate for both of us to talk about climate change policy, but before doing so we need to have access to the highest quality climate science. I am not sure you are receiving the best advice, and I would be very happy to put you in contact with distinguished active climate research scientists if you think that would be useful.’

So now the highest quality climate science has been provided but we don’t know what it was or how Nigel Lawson replied. All I do know is that Lawson has not changed his mind. But again, why the secrecy?