Tony Abbott discusses the Chinese flu

Found at our ABC so it must contain some negative message I fail to see. You can see how sensible Tony is by the fact that the ABC runs him: Tony Abbott urges against coronavirus restrictions, argues ‘uncomfortable questions’ need to be asked.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has called for COVID-19 restrictions to be relaxed, arguing officials have become trapped in “crisis mode” and that governments need to consider “uncomfortable questions” about the number of deaths they are prepared to live with.

“From a health perspective, this pandemic has been serious. From an economic perspective, it’s been disastrous,” he said.

“But I suspect that it’s from an overall wellbeing perspective that it will turn out worst of all. Because this is what happens when for much more than a mere moment, we let fear of falling sick stop us from being fully alive.

“Now that each one of us has had six months to consider this pandemic, and to make our own judgements about it, surely it’s time to relax the rules so that individuals can take more personal responsibility and make more of their own decisions about the risks they’re prepared to run.”

His key points:

  • Mr Abbott said governments approached the pandemic like “trauma doctors instead of thinking like health economists”
  • He accused Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews of wanting to extend a “health dictatorship” by pushing for an extension of state of emergency powers
  • He said the media had spread “virus hysteria” and people should be allowed to make their own decisions
  • Speaking in London to the UK think tank Policy Exchange, Mr Abbott said the media had spread “virus hysteria” and people should be allowed to make their own decisions.

For the ABC Daniel Andrews is more their kind of guy.

RECALLING TONY ABBOTT’S FINEST HOUR: Which has been brought to mind by this: ‘MISOGYNIST’: FORMER PM TONY ABBOTT TORN APART BY [FEMALE PSEUDO-TORY] BRITISH POLITICIAN. Would she even know that Tony Abbott’s Chief of Staff was a woman? Or anything about his sister (see the wedding photo below)?

The moment was, of course, when he looked at his watch while Julia droned on. No one, of course, ever mentions how Kevin Rudd shoved her aside just before the 2013 election.


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