David Archibald discusses the Brereton Report

Dr Samantha Crompvoets (from “Does the ACT have Australia’s most parent-friendly company?”)

The text below is from David Archibald discussing an issue I know nothing about: Afghanistan: The Fevered Imaginations of the REMFs*. This is his final para:

The Federal Police will be given the job of prosecuting the servicemen mentioned in the Brereton report, but the effort will go the way of the McDade prosecutions. They will be dropped for lack of evidence because mostly they are complete fabrications.

I can only say that if these soldiers made up these stories just to tease the people who were interviewing them, they are a pretty stupid lot themselves. As for the photo above, this is the relevance to the story:

In March, 2016 the then head of the army, now chief of defence General Angus Campbell, commissioned a secret report on SAS culture from a Canberra sociologist, Dr Samantha Crompvoets.

Here is the above link once again to get a better sense of who was doing the interviews.

And if you want to know what an REMF is you will have to go to David’s link.