Rule Britannia (with words)

And why I mention it: Boris Johnson is turning the Rule Britannia affair into a Trump-style culture war – and the BBC is letting him get away with it.

Was actually at the Last Night of the Proms in 1973. A peak moment of my life and remember it better than yesterday. Every country has a glorious past and has a right to recall its sweetness. In Australia, of course, that moment is the bodyline test, and for Canada it’s the eighth game of the Canada-Russia series in 1972. But for myself, Canadian-born as I am, I have always shared Britain’s triumphs as part of my own personal heritage.

“Enough, enough, let’s get this done”

It’s a real ad. Picked up here in the comments:

What’s there not to like about Boris Johnson? He Simply. Must. Win. Must. We’re down to just three nations holding the post WWII world together – Britain, Israel, and the United States. They, in in the persons of Boris Johnson, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Donald Trump each has perhaps its last true nationalist leader, a leader that understands soul of the nation he leads and faith in the importance of his nation’s place in the world, and is willing to fight for it. Britain and the US are being ripped apart internally, being dragged down literally by a political-social sludge that consists of almost nothing more than universal ‘hurt feelings’ driven by fifth-rate medicine wagon politicians and a brain dead media. Israel, who the world has been taught to hate, including by many leaders inside the US and Britain, is little better off but must tread very, very carefully because the people who would destroy it in a heartbeat are closer to its citizens than many here are to the nearest WalMart – every moment of every day. Trump and Netanyahu are old, vigorous but old. Who will replace them as leaders willing to fight for their nations in the world, not just pander to everyone internally and externally? Boris Johnson, armed with a twinkle in his eye, a great sense of humor, and a tremendous classical education, Simply Must Win. For us all.

And this is where the idea came from with a Labour ad from a single candidate a couple of weeks before. The list of policies at the end are even crazier than voting Remain. Anti-semitic as well.

Boris and Brexit way ahead, at least for now

From POLL PREDICTS TORY SWEEP via MRP election poll: Boris Johnson heads for big majority. From the comments on the first of the links with the second particular apposite:

Okay, yellow is Scottish Nationalist, green is Liberal, and grey is Democratic Unionist. I think. I’m no expert on British politics.

The irony of London – perhaps the capital city of capitalism – voting overwhelmingly for a Marxist who admires Venezuela.

They really would sell the rope that would be used to hang them.

SO LET ME ADD THIS AS WELL: From Brexit Ho! by John O’Sullivan.

After two weeks of Britain’s election campaign, which now has less than three weeks to run, the lack of excitement over its result is palpable. The national polls have been more or less steady since the starting gun was fired, with the Tories hovering around 40 percent support, Labour rising slightly to 30 percent, the Liberal Democrats stuck around 16 percent, and the Brexit party falling to single figures. The weekend saw a slight strengthening of all these trends, with the Tory percentage settling down in the mid-40s, for a lead over Labour of well into double figures. If repeated on Election Day, that would produce a solid Tory majority of about between 40 and 60 seats. As the pundits say, however, these figures could all change very rapidly under the influence of events.

No certainty anywhere.

I just thought it was a long sleeved shirt

matt taylor pic

The funny thing is, I didn’t even notice the tattoos until they were mentioned by Boris Johnson. I’m sure you all know the back story by now:

Those politically-correct Earthlings who ensured Taylor was “bombarded across the Internet with a hurtling dustcloud of hate” should be ashamed of themselves, Johnson wrote. After all, Taylor may study heavenly bodies, but he is not a priest.

“He is a space scientist with a fine collection of tattoos, and if you are an extrovert space scientist, that is the kind of shirt that you are allowed to wear,” Johnson wrote.

Personally I think he should have worn a white shirt, narrow tie and a dark suit. You just can’t be too careful nowadays. He will obviously never work again after the controversy he caused.