“Will the Australians take us now”

If you saw Bruce Hawker on Bolt this morning worrying about the drowning of those illegal migrants yesterday you would have experienced a serious moment of disgust. Since 7 September it is now an official concern within the ALP about these deaths at sea. Before 7 September, not so much.

But what really caught my eye in the report in The Australian Online was this.

Pointing to an older, silent man, Achmad said: “He has lost his wife and eight children.

“Will the Australians take us now,” he asked.

Just like that. He reveals the true contents of his mind. We think of the horrors of what it must have been like on that sinking ship. He, who had been surrounded by it all, who must himself have seen the dead and the drowned, who was still in the midst of it, could only think of how to leverage this tragedy into finding some means to enter Australia as an illegal migrant.