Romney – why he won’t run again

What I appreciate most about this article is that she at no stage criticises Romney himself, other than for not going for the jugular enough. And I could not agree more that the future bifurcated in November 2012, and there is no pulling it back together again now. This is by Jenny Erikson who worked on the Romney campaign:

For months now, people have been asking me if I thought Mitt Romney would make another bid for the presidency in 2016, and my answer has been the same since it was in the aftermath of the 2012 election — not a chance. I saw Mitt and his wife Ann Romney the day after the election, and I knew then and there that Mitt would never run again.

I was on the Mitt Romney for President staff for the last few months of the election. From the Boston headquarters, I saw the inside of the dirty machine of a presidential election, and on the morning of November 7, I saw the exhausting effect it can take on not just the candidate, but his entire family.

The morning after the election was a somber one, especially in Boston, where 90 percent of the voters cast their ballots for Barack Obama (it was impossible to find a bar that Thursday night that wasn’t an Obama victory party). Hungover and depressed, the campaign staff trudged into the main office the next day, not sure what to expect.

Mitt is a classy guy. Seriously, the guy is absolutely one of the best men walking around … but he wasn’t a fantastic candidate. He refused to take the shots he needed to in order to win, and he was too humble to brag about his countless acts of friendship, charity, and good stewardship.

Anyway, about 400 of us gathered in the main room of the main office building, cramming into every space imaginable. I was standing on a desk in a cubicle. Mitt got up and gave his spiel, complimenting the whole team for running a classy campaign. He was proud of the way we did things, and he wanted that known.

He made sure we were all paid through the end of the month, even though I’m positive that we had spent all the campaign coffers. I’d bet those last three weeks of pay came out of his own pockets. It’s typical in elections to not get paid after a loss. You consider yourself lucky if you get paid for the full pay period.

So The Gov (as we referred to him around the office) had us all pat ourselves on the back, as we tried to figure out what exactly we were going to do for jobs, considering the fact that many of us had planned on going to the White House with him.

Then it was Ann’s turn to speak. Now let me say that Ann Romney is one of the classiest, hardest working, supportive, and kind women I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. It takes a tough soul to raise five rowdy boys, and to do it with feminine grace is even more astounding.

But that morning … Ann Romney was obviously upset. She unwound her scarf in the heat from the furnace and handed it to her husband with a playful, “Here — be good for something.” Then she addressed the crowd.

“I really thought we had this,” she lamented. “America got it wrong.” There was more, I know there was more, and she was gracious to all of us and all we had sacrificed to work for Mitt, but there was no denying that she was tired and she was done.

Ann spent her entire adult life supporting Mitt and his ambitions, even through breast cancer and MS. She raised his five sons, played First Lady of Massachusetts, and made it through two presidential primaries and a general election.

And the way Mitt looked at her as she held it together the best she could to talk to the staff, with admiration, love, and respect, told me everything I needed to know about a future run. It would never happen. He loves her too much, appreciates her too much, and could never bring himself to put her through the blood, sweat, and tears of another election.

So while I think Mitt Romney would’ve made a spectacular president, there’s no doubt that 2016 is going to be a rough one for candidates on both sides of the aisle … and the 2012 Republican nominee is content to watch from the sidelines, with the love of his life right there next to him.

I anyway think it is too late for Romney. He was perfect for 2012, but the US is smashed and it will require a different kind of temperament to fix things from here. I’m not sure it can be done, not just because Obama was president, but because Obama was electable. There is no obvious way back now, the way there still was then.

AND HERE IS ANN COULTER HOPING THAT HE WILL: Her title is, Three Generations of Imbeciles are Enough. If you understand the title, it really is brilliant. This part, though, is about Romney.

The only Republican who has ever opposed the media and big campaign donors on immigration was Mitt Romney. You know, the guy we just kicked to the curb. On immigration, the elites speak with one voice: The donors want cheap labor, and the media hate Republicans who push ideas that are wildly popular with voters.

As governor of Massachusetts, Romney repeatedly vetoed bills giving illegal aliens in-state tuition. He also vetoed a bill to extend health coverage to illegal aliens. And he made clear he would veto any bill allowing driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, so those never made it to his desk.

While Jeb was one of the first governors to demand driver’s licenses for illegals, Romney was one of the first governors to strike a special agreement with federal immigration officials allowing Massachusetts state troopers to arrest illegal aliens.

But with the cheap-labor plutocrats up in arms during the 2012 presidential campaign over Romney’s suggestion that their serfs “self-deport,” all the Republican lickspittles rushed to denounce his untoward remark. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker — all of them lined up to take Sheldon Adelson’s loyalty oath, swearing that, as far as they were concerned, illegal aliens should be treated as honored guests.

There are still a few of us around who wish he could be President, but it’s not going to happen, not least because of the preferences of our elites, who are never troubled by the trouble they cause everyone else.