January 6 the American Reichstag Fire

The politics of the left are largely dishonest and frequently evil. Everything they do is seen by themselves as fair and reasonable, while anything done to prevent the inevitable harm the left creates is seen, by the left, as immoral and wrong. 

Today in America is the first anniversary of Congressional tallying of the electoral college votes of Joe Biden following the almost-certainly stolen presidential election of 2020. This is being commemorated by the American left as an “insurrection” which was nothing more than a demonstration against the theft of the American democracy. 

Ever heard of The Reichstag Fire? This is the American version. Happy Anniversary to the Million Americans Who Came to Washington DC to Protest the Crime of the Century One Year Ago Today

One year ago today a million patriotic Americans traveled to Washington DC to protest the greatest crime in American history — The stolen 2020 election.

Don’t listen to what the media trolls tell you. The people who showed up to DC one year ago were there to support the rightful President in peaceful protest.

For some further reflections and an accurate analysis but without the anger that should be a intrinsic element in following what took place:  FINAL THOUGHTS ON JANUARY 6. Here is some of what he writes:

* “January 6” is the most overhyped news story of our time. Kamala Harris’s suggestion that the Capitol riot was equivalent to Pearl Harbor is a historically ignorant joke. The fact is that the Capitol riot, while bad, was not one of the 50 most destructive riots of the last two years.

* The Democrats’ calling the riot an “insurrection” is another bad joke. This is the first insurrection (or “coup,” as the Democrats also say) where not a single person thought to bring a firearm….

* I have no idea who has been arrested and jailed, and what those particular individuals did. Figuring this out is made more difficult by the fact that the government has resisted releasing the many hours of video that it has in its possession. Why might that be? People who actually committed violent actions should be prosecuted; I have no idea how many such people there are. But videos show that many “rioters” were actually invited into the Capitol building by guards. The doors were open and the guards waved them in. They entered the building peacefully, staying between the rope lines and taking selfies….

* Today Joe Biden violated all precedent by viciously attacking his predecessor, Donald Trump. This is outside the bounds of anything we have seen in our democracy, certainly in the modern era. Biden not only attacked Trump, he bragged about defeating him in the 2020 election, claiming that he won by 7 million votes….

* Biden’s statement is true if, and only if, you assume that all votes cast in the 2020 election were legal and proper. But they weren’t. Democrats went to great lengths, including collusive lawsuits in something like 15 states, locking Republican poll watchers out of the buildings where mail-in ballots were being authenticated in Philadelphia and Detroit, and much more, in order to facilitate voter fraud. One can only conclude that voter fraud is an important part of the Democrats’ electoral strategy.

* I think this is the core of what the Democratic Party is trying to achieve with its absurd inflation of the January 6 demonstration/riot. They want to discredit those who worry about election integrity, and to intimidate conservatives who otherwise would press for voter ID, sane mail-in ballot laws, an end to ballot harvesting, and so on.

We, too, have experienced an invasion of Parliament, but it was by the left against a conservative government, which is why the media have never mentioned it since. The supposed “insurrection” of January 6 will never disappear as an element in the rhetorical armory of the American left.

The value free politics of the left

The latest headlines at Lucianne. They all tell the same story. You have to wonder how anyone can any longer admit to having voted for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton Colluded with Russians
to Rig Election Against Trump 

A headline to be read at least twice before closing jaw.
Russia ‘Collusion’ Story Is
Blowing Up Like the Hindenburg 

Comic book captions (Kaboom! Splat!)will do for now.
More Explosions From That Cigar? 
The bomb throwing isn’t over.
How Team Hillary played the press for fools on Russia 
What REALLY happened.
Delayed release of JFK records causes backlash 
Fifty years to get roll out right wasn’t enough?
House Intel Committee Announces Uranium One Probe –
Three Distinct Components… 

The dots begin to connect.

On the left,it’s all politics and personal self-interest. If the rest of us get to keep some of what we earned ourselves it is merely because the existing system of graft and pillage had not yet progressed to its highest stage.

The American leader of the opposition

Whatever you may think of the crash in the Chinese economy, who are suffering from the after effects of their Keynesian stimulus – ghost cities anyone? – what I really find interesting about these headlines from Drudge is the comment from Donald Trump. The American system lacks a leader of the opposition; now it has one, of sorts. If Trump comments, it’s news. It has nothing to do with Obama and American politics, but that’s because it is hard really to see Trump as opposed to what Obama is doing anywhere outside of immigration, and even then it’s not all that certain.

Roils Markets Second Day as Yuan Cut by 1.6%…
TRUMP: Currency devaluation will devastate…

No one else is news. How do any of the established Republican candidates get a look in? He is leading the opposition, but just who or what he is opposed to is still to be determined.