The value free politics of the left

The latest headlines at Lucianne. They all tell the same story. You have to wonder how anyone can any longer admit to having voted for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton Colluded with Russians
to Rig Election Against Trump 

A headline to be read at least twice before closing jaw.
Russia ‘Collusion’ Story Is
Blowing Up Like the Hindenburg 

Comic book captions (Kaboom! Splat!)will do for now.
More Explosions From That Cigar? 
The bomb throwing isn’t over.
How Team Hillary played the press for fools on Russia 
What REALLY happened.
Delayed release of JFK records causes backlash 
Fifty years to get roll out right wasn’t enough?
House Intel Committee Announces Uranium One Probe –
Three Distinct Components… 

The dots begin to connect.

On the left,it’s all politics and personal self-interest. If the rest of us get to keep some of what we earned ourselves it is merely because the existing system of graft and pillage had not yet progressed to its highest stage.

The American leader of the opposition

Whatever you may think of the crash in the Chinese economy, who are suffering from the after effects of their Keynesian stimulus – ghost cities anyone? – what I really find interesting about these headlines from Drudge is the comment from Donald Trump. The American system lacks a leader of the opposition; now it has one, of sorts. If Trump comments, it’s news. It has nothing to do with Obama and American politics, but that’s because it is hard really to see Trump as opposed to what Obama is doing anywhere outside of immigration, and even then it’s not all that certain.

Roils Markets Second Day as Yuan Cut by 1.6%…
TRUMP: Currency devaluation will devastate…

No one else is news. How do any of the established Republican candidates get a look in? He is leading the opposition, but just who or what he is opposed to is still to be determined.