Why d’Souza is being prosecuted

Here is the premise of the modern critique of America, that “America is based on theft”. It is not just in America, of course, that this critique is found but is found everywhere and certainly no modern prosperous nation state is free of the ignorant fools who argue these views. It is to deal with this critique that the film has been put together. As d’Souza says in this trailer:

I want to take this progressive leftist critique head on. I want it to be articulated by its best spokesmen. And I want to effectively answer it and debunk it. That is the central ideological question answered in the film, ‘America’.

D’Souza has now been railroaded into the court system by the most corrupt, lawless government in American history, a travesty of honesty and fair play. The video heralds the release of a film on the fourth of July that is in part an attempt avant la lettre to explain why he is being prosecuted.