How does one make a complaint to ACMA?

There is a story at Andrew Bolt On the Campaign to Silence Alan Jones which is about how this body, ACMA, had censured Jones for some things he had said on air. This is from the story:

The regulator was critical of Jones’ use of exaggerated and emotive terms, such as ‘white elephant’ and ‘disaster’. ‘His delivery was emotional, the language judgemental and hyperbolic, and the statements lacking in specificity,’ ACMA said. All in all, Jones was deemed to be expressing his opinion, not fact.

Is it actually illegal to express opinion and not fact in the media? Is it wrongful conduct to use emotive terms and exaggeration? Is one not allowed to be judgmental? Well every time I head over to the ABC it seems to me that I am witness to all kinds of illegality and hadn’t even known it.

So I thought I would check out how to make a complaint myself. I don’t watch much TV but I do occasionally catch a moment or two of the 7:30 Report or Lateline and have spent a painful fifteen minutes with Q&A on occasion. But if Alan Jones can be the subject of a complaint so can all of these.

But how does one do it? And what exactly can one complain about? I went to the Making a Complaint page on the ACMA website but I must confess being no farther ahead. The people who set this page up must have taken jobs with Obama in the US because try as I might, I could not find out what exactly I am allowed to complain about.