Political judgement

PDT is extraordinary in so many ways, not least of which is his political judgement. This is from, Trump Compares Ocasio-Cortez To Nazi Sympathizer, AOC Takes It As A Compliment.

The book, “American Carnage,” states that Trump saw Ocasio-Cortez on a cable news show and said: “I called her Eva Perón. I said, ‘That’s Eva Perón. That’s Evita.”

Trump reportedly told his team to contact then-Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) — who Ocasio-Cortez upset in the Democratic primary — to tell him that “he better get off his fat ass and start campaigning.”

No one else saw it then but Trump did. And he saw her danger as well. Nancy Pelosi and other Dems are seeing it as well, and who knows how electable she will be when she finally turns 35. Political madness is a contagion and as mad as AOC is, she is far from a discredited entity among her own constituency. In her own political judgement she may be the same kind of phenomenon as PDT.

Beggars welcome

An amazing story to go along with the Refugees Welcome people: Fake beggars in Melbourne revealed as wealthy Chinese con artists.

It’s understood an alleged syndicate is arranging passports and tourist visas in China before ‘beggars’ fly in to work the streets and then send the cash they collect back to China electronically.

Is this an Australian first? Are we really the biggest suckers in the world?

Comedy Club Bedroom Antics

Went to a Comedy Club in Toronto last night where everyone tried to calm me down before we went about the possibility that there would be a string of Trump jokes, as if I would have cared. Instead, it was a bunch of women talking about their sex lives, mostly about their sex lives in which men are largely excluded. Singularly unfunny, although I did like the riff from one of them on why she needs a man in the house, so that the Wifi can be connected. I guess she could say it, but I certainly couldn’t.

Although I had tried to stay as far from the action as possible, sitting as far to the back as I could and as far to the right against the wall as I could get, one of them picked me out of the crowd and tried to make fun of me – for my age and lack of response to her gig. I am invulnerable to such stuff, or so it turned out, but for someone else it could have been very mean and unpleasant. I just sat there until she got tired of it and her time was up.

The left is disgusting in so many ways it is almost impossible to keep track.

PDT on the 4th of July

Anyone can be an American but madly many Americans don’t want to be Americans. Luckily many other Americans do. In 1776 the US carved out a way of life that has kept the true notion of freedom alive in the face of its enemies who exist at every turn. Utopians who are united in their stupidity and ignorance are everywhere. This is Donald Trump on the Fourth of July.

Shorter version:

And the longer version: