Comedy Club Bedroom Antics

Went to a Comedy Club in Toronto last night where everyone tried to calm me down before we went about the possibility that there would be a string of Trump jokes, as if I would have cared. Instead, it was a bunch of women talking about their sex lives, mostly about their sex lives in which men are largely excluded. Singularly unfunny, although I did like the riff from one of them on why she needs a man in the house, so that the Wifi can be connected. I guess she could say it, but I certainly couldn’t.

Although I had tried to stay as far from the action as possible, sitting as far to the back as I could and as far to the right against the wall as I could get, one of them picked me out of the crowd and tried to make fun of me – for my age and lack of response to her gig. I am invulnerable to such stuff, or so it turned out, but for someone else it could have been very mean and unpleasant. I just sat there until she got tired of it and her time was up.

The left is disgusting in so many ways it is almost impossible to keep track.

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