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Desperate for bad news

The first three articles on at the moment. It’s a different world where the left, the media and #NeverTrump keep looking for something. And there will be something some day, but for these people the only good news is what is bad news to the rest of us.

Trump refuses to take
call from Venezuela’s Maduro
Washington Times, by Dave Boyer    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk– 8/12/2017 10:15:33 AM     Post Reply
President Trump rebuffed the offer of a phone call from the president of Venezuela late Friday night, after Mr. Trump warned that he is considering military options to address civil and political unrest in the South American country. “President Trump will gladly speak with the leader of Venezuela as soon as democracy is restored in that country,” the White House said. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro requested a phone call with Mr. Trump after Mr. Trump made a surprise statement late Friday that he’s considering unspecified military action to address what the administration is calling a “dictatorship.”
Donald Trump Wins Round
One with North Korea
Breitbart Big Government, by Joel B. Pollak    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird– 8/12/2017 10:06:22 AM     Post Reply
The mainstream media are aghast at President Donald Trump’s comments on North Korea as he promises “fire and fury” and warns that American military solutions are “locked and loaded.” The political elite, and the foreign policy establishment, oscillate between bitter scorn and sheer panic at his tactics. But one does not have to be convinced of Trump’s rhetorical genius to note that he has already re-framed the conflict in a way that is advantageous to the U.S. First, Trump has radically changed the costs of a potential conflict, for both sides. The dominant paradigm of nuclear face-offs is mutually assured destruction (MAD),
In Trump Era, U.S. Corporations
See Best Earnings in 13 Years
Breitbart Big Government, by Warner Todd Huston    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird– 8/12/2017 10:01:59 AM     Post Reply
As President Trump’s administration enters the last half of its first year, U.S. corporations are experiencing their best earnings in 13 years, a report finds. Bloomberg reports that U.S. corporate profits in the second quarter “have beaten estimates at more than three-quarters of the Standard & Poor’s 500 member companies. In every sector, at least half of the companies have surpassed or met expectations, with many also getting a boost from a sinking U.S. dollar.” “Growth was particularly strong in key regions of North America and Europe, where we grew sales greater than twice GDP, as well as throughout Asia-Pacific,” Dow Chief

World events do keep rolling along

I wonder if any of those folks discussing North Korea have factored in NK’s development of nuclear weapons, its development of a nuclear weapons delivery systems, and the threats being made by North Korea to attack the United States or perhaps Guam or even Japan. You would not know it from this latest piece in The Oz which is representative of the lame journalism of our present day.

What does look clear is that the US will not attack first, that it is putting pressure on China to rein in its ally and that, for the first time in a while, we have an American president who intends to defend the West. To which this may be added which ought to have been clear from the start: US has been conducting back-channel talks with North Korea for months taken from the American ABC.

Despite the bombastic rhetoric exchanged between North Korean and American leaders this week, the Trump administration has been quietly engaged in back-channel diplomacy with North Korea for several months, according to a source familiar with the negotiations.

The ongoing talks, which were first reported by The Associated Press, included discussions about U.S.-North Korean relations and Americans imprisoned in North Korea, the source said.

The case of American student Otto Warmbier, who died following his release from North Korea, was included in those talks.

And beyond the rest, it seems PDT would like to prevent Venezuela from becoming another Cuba, no doubt partly out of sympathy for the Venezuelans themselves, but also because of the unsavoury friendships such regimes seem to develop. But you do have to worry about just how idiotic reporting on Venezuela has been. This, just now, from our ABC:

Hugo Chavez launched a socialist revolution after he was elected in 1998, but under successor Nicolas Maduro, the oil-rich country has become a failing state.

Their ignorance is so fantastic it is truly hard to fathom.


How come nobody asks Hillary what to do about North Korea?

Of course, we can ask VDH instead.

No missile defences for Australia says the PM

What sense is this?

Mr Turnbull rejected a push for Australia to install a missile defence shield to protect against an attack, saying he had received advice that it would not be helpful against North Korea’s long range missiles.

OK, so if the Norks find it too hard to attack Japan or Guam which do have missile defences however leaky they may be, Sydney seems pretty good as a place for them to show they really mean it. Does Malcolm never get anything important right? And then there’s this:

Opposition leader Bill Shorten said it was the “bellicose and provocative actions” of the North Korean dictatorship, and not Mr Trump’s rhetoric, which was of “big concern”.

“I and the government share the same concerns and the same views, and Australians should be reassured that on this matter of North Korea and our national security, the politics of Labor and Liberal are working absolutely together,” the Opposition Leader said.

“What we all need to do is be concentrating on encouraging North Korea to de-escalate. I think there is an important role for China to play here and of course we rely upon leadership from the United States. There are other nations which are much more affected than Australia, including of course the Republic of Korea and Japan, and neighbouring nations to North Korea.”

Good sense for a change. If they came up with a credible policy on stopping the boats, how much difference would it make who took over after the next election?

AND FURTHERMORE: This is a further follow-up at The Oz and these are the top comments which do seem to follow a single theme, possibly because the article is titled, “North Korea crisis: Trump’s ‘fury’ leaves Beijing with few options”. It is via The WSJ.

If any country has been lacking leadership on this issue, it is China. They have been letting the rabid dog get bigger and more paranoid on its border, while blaming the US for this issue. Garbage. Beijing has never fully implemented sanctions, always kept its powder dry … but now reality is slapping Xu in the face. China, you can’t keep avoiding your responsibilities forever.

Joan 1 hour ago
The most frightening part about all this is Trump is not only trying to protect the world from NK, which has been allowed to build its arsenal by previous Governments who have appeased and looked the other way, but now instead of supporting him, the media are not prepared to offer any support. They need to decide if they support western democracy or not.

@Joan – Joan, I never thought I’d see the day when the US wouldn’t support their President in a time of grave danger. Despicable.

Karl 2 hours ago
What did Obama do to stop it? Obama did nothing and he therefore allowed for N/Korea to develop and expand their nuclear program. And now is somehow Trump’s fault? How?

@Karl Becuse Trump is right wing anglo saxon: of course it’s his fault.

Massive China could have dealt with puny North Korea years ago if it wanted to. It doesn’t want to – simple as that. It is enjoying seeing the USA squirm while it expands its territorial ambitions in what is euphemistically called the “South China Sea”.

I find some solace in the fact that China finds itself in a difficult, uncomfortable position. This is all of their own making and I am pretty sure it is going to get a whole lot more uncomfortable for them as Trump ratchets up the pressure.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses North Korea as a stalking horse and plays a perfidious role.

China is 100% responsible for this situation, maybe Trump will force them to take this seriously.

Until China provides proof that they are trying to curb the sabre-rattling of tyrant Kim instead of secretly egging him on to provoke the USA, we cannot trust China in this mixed international chess game. Come on China – show us that you are truly follow your creed of “harmony”. We know you have the means to put little Kim back in his box.

50+ years of diplomacy with NK did not achieve much. They are now more dangerous then ever and if we are to believe intelligence they have the capacity (or soon) to launch nuclear attacks. The last two countries/leaders who threatened the West were Saddam Hussein/Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi/Libya. Both leaders are now dead and their countries are in chaos. The same will happen to North Korea IF they continue their path of madness. It’s interesting how our media (especially the ABC again) seems to think that Trump is the real problem, not Kim Jong-Un. Have they really not learned anything from the disaster Obama?

For a decade China did next to nothing to curb North Korea, possibly enjoying Obama’s impotence while progressing their illegal annexation of the South China Sea. Now the unintended consequences of their short term policies have come home to roost. What good will more talking do given that the diplomatic process has resulted in North Korea successfully developing the nuclear and missile technology it aspired to? That particular horse has bolted. They say that violence is the last resort of the incompetent. It therefore necessarily follows that incompetence is the province of diplomats. History is replete with examples of the fact that sanctions do not work. Prime examples of failed sanctions are the League of Nations imposing sanctions against Italy to make it pull out of Abyssinia and the US imposed sanctions on Japan following the invasion of China. North Korea joins those two in the list of epic failures. All I can say is that now maybe China WILL do something. Otherwise they are thinking too much of status money and getting as much as they can from the world and other countries.

China had played just as much a role in the predicament we’re in today, as have the other world leaders. If they had done what they were supposed to do for all these years, we wouldn’t be in this mess now.

Hey China you hold all the cards with regard to North Korea and you have done nothing, you and you alone can bring down Kim and the world knows it, so stop this little old me crap and fix it, Trump has every right to say enough is enough, as North Korea has been pulling this stunt for to long and the US patience has run out

Where did the technology and expertise come from? Stonewalling is a cultural characteristic of the Chinese and Trump is bypassing it.

Trump has changed the game by not being seen as a patsy. China now sees North Korea as a risk to its influence in the area, so is motivated to manage Kim better, but struggling to do it. All strategies have risks, but a risk averse short term strategy can lead to the highest risk outcome. Trump recognises that, and seems to be playing the threatening Bad Guy whilst Tillerson works the Good Guy in the background. Seems a lot smarter to me than the Obama appeasement and let them build their bombs strategy.

China has always supported the NK administration. There is no wsy they could have obtained nuclear missile capability without the chinese. The wall street journal is disingenous to report chinese concerns about trump rhetoric when they know he does not want war. It is also trite to say vhina is more concerned about domestic issues when they have been purposely tramping on international law in the south china sea. North korea is merely following the chinese disdain for the international community.

Seems to me that China should have taken more seriously the threat by North Korea many years ago. They had the trade and diplomatic ties to have averted Kim from this course of action but appear to have done little. Perhaps they thought that the US would continue to be led by weak apologists like Obama and the Clintons. Now China faces the prospect of a radioactive cloud after North Korea is vaporised, or more likely, a long-term US presence on its doorstep.

The Western world is very rare in human history

Let me start with this observation by another Canadian:

“Americans and other Westerners who want their families to enjoy the blessings of life in a free society should understand that the life we’ve led since 1945 in the Western world is very rare in human history. Our children are unlikely to enjoy anything so placid, and may well spend their adult years in an ugly and savage world unless we decide that who and what we are is worth defending.” Mark Steyn

If you want to know what he means just look round you with the blinkers off. That’s why I love these open border lunatics with their smug assurances about everyone else until it happens to them. To wit: CAQ calls for tighter borders, hardline approach to asylum seekers: Coalition Avenir Québec Leader François Legault says Quebec border has become ‘virtual sieve’.

Legault said that Quebecers’ tolerance toward refugees is waning as asylum seekers head to the border in droves.

“The attitude of generosity and solidarity on behalf of Quebecers toward refugees is shaken,” he said. “And if political officials don’t change their attitude, we can expect a backlash.” . . .

“A number of Quebecers — for example, such as those who wait hours at the border to enter their own country — are shocked to see that migrants are entering in large numbers, by flouting the law, as if there is no border,” he said. . . .

A mayoral candidate in Quebec City’s autumn municipal race has also come forward with concerns similar to the CAQ’s about accommodating and accepting migrants.

While several temporary shelters have been opened in Montreal to deal with the surge of migrants crossing illegally into Canada, Québec 21 Leader Jean-François Gosselin said he won’t allow his own city to become a sanctuary city if he is elected to office.

“The crisis that Montreal is currently experiencing cannot be repeated here,” he said.

Montreal became part of the sanctuary city movement, which aims to provide undocumented people with provisions and protection, in February.

And for a bit more of the same: A Surge of Migrants Crossing Into Quebec Tests Canada’s Welcome. Meantime, you can judge the adequacy of the Canadian government by listening to its PM discuss Korea.

Feel better now?

Aren’t they afraid that Kim Jong Un also has the nuclear codes?

How to deal with the North Korean threat is the major international issue of our time. I was happy to see The Oz feature it this morning but this is hardly going along with the intensity of the Cuban Missile Crisis which you young ones out there may not have been around for. But it unfolded over a series of days as the top international news story everywhere even though other than Castro himself, no one was threatening to send nuclear missiles towards the US other than as an abstract possibility. With NK, we are dealing with a madman who is being used by others as a means to erode American power which is the counterweight to their increasing their own, and he really does have them and he really does threaten to attack someone, somewhere and possibly very soon. But where’s the focus – online right now the top story at The Oz has become, “ABC staff warned on same-sex marriage coverage” which is surely not the priority issue with all this going on to our north. The only story related at Drudge on NK at the moment is this one from the Washington Post: With ‘fire and fury,’ Trump revives fears about his possession of nuclear codes. From which:

When President Donald Trump went off script Tuesday to deliver a startling threat to North Korea – “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen” – it was as if the nation relived the most lurid themes of the 2016 campaign in one chilling moment.

Last fall, Hillary Clinton’s campaign used as one of its final weapons a TV ad featuring a longtime nuclear missile launch officer who warned against voting for Trump: “I prayed that call would never come. Self-control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing.”

Then, quick-fire, a series of clips of Trump on the stump: “I would bomb the s— out of them.” “I want to be unpredictable.” “I love war.”

“The thought of Donald Trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death,” Bruce Blair, the retired launch officer, says in the ad. “It should scare everyone.

The Democrats are useless in any of this and you will get no insight into any of it by reading the views of graduate journalists with a three-year arts degree. Moreover, a nuclear standoff is not something any political leader in the world has had any experience with. But if you are scared of Trump, you should be even more frightened by this: Obama administration knew about North Korea’s miniaturized nukes.

Tuesday’s bombshell Washington Post story that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has determined North Korea is capable of constructing miniaturized nuclear weapons that could be used as warheads for missiles – possibly ICBMs – left out a crucial fact: DIA actually concluded this in 2013. The Post also failed to mention that the Obama administration tried to downplay and discredit this report at the time. . . .

Americans need to recognize as they ponder the increasingly dangerous North Korea situation that the Obama administration not only refused to do anything about this crisis but tried to downplay and conceal intelligence from the American people and Congress on how serious it was.

The reasons why you should never elect a government of the left are near endless, but this is the sort of thing that should sit near the top of the list. But when all is said and done, the question remains, what is to be done?

And yet again they are first coming for the Jews

If you are a Jew of any age anywhere in the world you are a close relation of someone who was murdered because they were Jewish. It’s not a debating point or the premise of some syllogistic argument. It is just a fact. If Jews are reluctant to find anti-semitic statements made in public just part of the give and take in the discourse within a free society, well you might see why that is. The lashing together of free speech arguments with the refusal of Bondi Council to authorise the building of a synagogue because radical Islamists might blow the place up is a very long bow that adds nothing at all to the free speech debate. Changing the law to permit Jews to be subject to racial abuse is not a defence of “human rights”. And if those who would like to see the end of 18C say that it is, it will become a lot harder to defend free speech if no sanctions are available to prevent racial vilification in public of people who have no means to defend themselves.

But that is what Janet Albrechtsen has now said in her latest article: Terror beats common sense at Bondi.

That’s the conundrum for Jewish leaders. They were public opponents of reforming section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, a law that strikes at the heart of freedom of expression in Australia. Their vocal opposition was enough to send then prime minister Tony Abbott into a meek retreat, ditching an election promise to defend freedom of speech. But those who walk away from freedom of expression inevitably make it easier for others to sideline freedoms, too.

So let me pluck from the comments a number that express what I think myself.

Unfortunately the banning of the Synagogue in Bondi goes far beyond free speech, freedom of expression and freedom of religion. The core reason for the banning is not fear of terrorism this is just an excuse. Rather this is a deeply racist, it is a blatantly racist decision. The hard left like the Waverly Council and large sections of the judiciary simply hate the Jews. They don’t like them, they don’t recognise Israel’s right to exist, they hate their conservative views on life, they are pro Muslim, they don’t want Jews in Bondi. Sadly they want to get rid of the Jews.

This is capitulation to bullying and totalitarianism. We don’t want you here, not because you are doing anything wrong, but because criminals and thugs might object. It also seems to be the way the world is headed. And the central targets are the Jews, Western Civilisation and Christians.

Waverley Council, have always been left wingers. I would suggest this is more about sympathy with Palestine and the Terrorists, HAMAS, then support for a democratic country, like Israel, a country trapped within a sea of madness. Australian Jews have every right to build their house of worship, a temple to God. What is more peaceful then that, a place built to help people through trauma, to keep their faith, to pray for their dead, a place of love and faith, not a place of terror. The council has overstepped the mark, and taken control to a sinister new meaning. I am Catholic, and I support my Jewish fellow Australians.