Hillary’s profound moral sickness infests the entire party she represents

Bill Clinton is a rapist and Hillary Clinton is a psychopathic liar. This is from Slate in 1999: Is Juanita Broaddrick Telling the Truth? From which:

The Details

Broaddrick did not remember the date of the rape, though she did supply the name of the hotel (Camelot) and the reason she was visiting Little Rock (a nursing home seminar). She also says that Clinton pointed to a ramshackle prison outside the hotel room window before he raped her and said he planned to renovate it. NBC News found a date when a nursing home seminar was held in the Camelot Hotel and records show that Broaddrick attended. Newspaper reports suggest that Clinton was in the area and had no official commitments in the early morning, when the rape is supposed to have occurred. There was a prison outside the hotel window.

Clinton Is Innocent: It is hard to believe that a raped woman would forget the date. The fact that Clinton was in Little Rock is hardly remarkable.

Clinton is Guilty: The detail about wanting to spruce up the prison sounds “very, very much like our Bill” (Kelly).

Meanwhile, Hillary’s level of derangement is possibly unprecedented: Hillary Clinton falsely claims Donald Trump is an ‘admitted sex assaulter’ as she compares him to Harvey Weinstein – but claims allegations against Bill are ‘clearly in the past’.

  • Hillary Clinton, who received campaign funding from Weinstein, called rape and sexual assault allegations facing the movie mogul ‘heartbreaking’
  • Clinton was apparently referring to the tape leaked during the campaign where Donald Trump was heard boasting about ‘grabbing women by the p****y’
  • In fact he has never ‘admitted’ a sexual assault and apologized for ‘locker room talk’
  • She told the BBC’s Andrew Marr: ‘I really commend the women who have been willing to step forward now and tell their stories’
  • In another interview with Channel 4 she said her campaign would hand back donations from Weinstein but had still to do so
  • That changed her first claim that she would give from her personal income – which would have earned her a tax break

There is a deep and repellant moral sickness across the entire Democratic Party where they will deny any evil in their pursuit of personal political power. And not only at the top, but throughout their ranks who go beyond arguing that Clinton is a flawed human being, but must deny even to themselves that he is the person he so obviously is.

News from up the street

J.E Sefton likes to begin his round-up of news at Ace of Spades with “links from around the world, across the nation and up your street”. Well this one is literally up my street. You can read the details here but today it is a circus as there is an open house for the five houses being put up for sale by Channel Nine’s The Block. There have been people sleeping out on the street for a couple of days so they can be the first to see inside these houses. The street itself was Victorian – my own house a former Ripponlee worker’s cottage – built in 1887. The five houses up for sale were built in the late 1920s or early 1930s and have been moved from where they began and have been fixed up and extended. Quite out of keeping with the rest of the street, but given that the piece of land was only available for sale because the entire street went mad at the idea there would be a three storey boys school built on what had previously been an old people’s home, no one is complaining. But I do have to say they look like part of a movie set, which I suppose they are. As with many people of my generation, we live in houses we could not possibly afford. It’s not quite a perfect comparison since money wages have tended to rise over the years and will almost certainly continue along that way, but if you took every cent I have ever earned and added them up I would still not have enough money to buy any one of these houses at the prices they expect to sell them at. On this measure, I’m not even sure I would be able to afford the house I am already in.

Have a better one and remain blessed, as J.E. likes to say.

Trump gets HW out of the headlines (except for here)


All that at Drudge. BTW who’s that Obama chap? And then there’s this too:


Meanwhile, the Weinstein saga continues to flatten the moral high ground that these scum have been pretending to hold.

‘Despicable’ Harvey Weinstein blasted during Hollywood ‘Power of Women’ lunch…
30: All the accusers…
Company to Shut Down?
OLIVER STONE: Man Shouldn’t Be Condemned By Vigilante System…
Lisa Bloom Fought To Keep AMAZON Expose Hidden…

And eventually we will start looking again at what really happened Las Vegas, as in: Las Vegas police shift timeline again in concert massacre and Heros and Zeros: Vegas.

And for a bit more of the same on Vegas, Ann Coulter can entertain you with Las Vegas Massacre—The Story Is Coming Apart. That’s what makes the world so fantastic, everything is possible, even the impossible.

Who cares if NKorea EMP would kill “90% of Americans”?


That’s the lead story at Drudge and everywhere. Meanwhile this hardly gets a mention:

Congress warned: NKorea EMP would kill ‘90% of Americans’…
Mysterious absence of ‘rocket men’…
Earthquake sparks concern of another nuke test…

How about a bit more detail:

William R. Graham, chairman of the former EMP commission and its former chief of staff, Peter Vincent Pry, said that the U.S. has ignored the warning signs for years and that North Korea’s military moves this year must be seen as a wake-up call.

They said:

Just six months ago, most experts thought North Korea’s nuclear arsenal was primitive, some academics claiming it had as few as 6 A-Bombs. Now the intelligence community reportedly estimates North Korea has 60 nuclear weapons.

Just six months ago, most experts thought North Korea’s ICBMs were fake, or if real could not strike the U.S. mainland. Now the intelligence community reportedly estimates North Korea’s ICBMs can strike Denver and Chicago, and perhaps the entire United States.

Just six months ago, most experts thought North Korea was many years away from an H-Bomb. Now it appears North Korea has H-Bombs comparable to sophisticated U.S. two-stage thermonuclear weapons.

Just six months ago, most experts claimed North Korean ICBMs could not miniaturize an A-Bomb or design a reentry vehicle for missile delivery. Now the intelligence community reportedly assesses North Korea has miniaturized nuclear weapons, and has developed reentry vehicles for missile delivery, including by ICBMs that can strike the U.S.

This ought to be beyond politics, but I guess nothing is beyond politics. You would still think that this is more important than Harvey Weinstein but it’s not, or at least not yet.

If it’s political leadership you want I have just the man for you

As soon as I saw the title – The West is in strife — and looking for leaders – I went looking for what I knew would be there:

Since Trump’s elevation to the most powerful position in the world, his supporters are finding it difficult to point out his achievements.

This is written like a typical leftist nonce – Graeme Richardson in this case – as he tiptoes past the graveyard of dead socialist ideas. And dead though they be, they live on on the putrid and decaying minds of those who believe that though they have ruined everything they touch, next time will be better. As for PDT, two items from just today:

Rand Paul: “Biggest Free Market Reform of Healthcare in a Generation”

U.S. to withdraw from Jewish-history-denying Islamic-supremacist-promoting UNESCO

As it happens, just yesterday pretty well everyone who had supported Trump publicly during the election met up together for dinner. It wasn’t a dinner about Trump, but just a get together but the President did get mentioned and all of us were still ecstatic that he won. But you do have to wonder what Graeme is looking for if he can write this:

It may seem hard to believe but I am horrified at the thought of ­Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn becoming Britain’s prime minister.

His brand of magic pudding economics will send the country broke, yet his appeal to younger voters is growing rather than ­diminishing. His vows to end austerity and start spending have a ready-made audience as many Brits consider they have been squeezed too often and for too long. Brexit will be difficult to negotiate and the power vacuum at the top in Britain is a real worry.

You know, if that really is the kind of thing on his mind, then PDT ought to be just the political leader he should want.

Master and apprentice

The point really is that on the left these things don’t matter at all, and they are normally only brought to light because they really do matter to conservatives. The instant and ongoing forgiveness for Bill Clinton for his sexual predation, which was fully underscored by his wife’s accommodation to everything he did, underscores just how indifferent the left is to any of the standard and genuine problems that exist in relation to women’s issues. The absolute indifference to women’s oppression in different cultures, even when they are found in immigrant communities in the West, is the clearest evidence that the issues are only issues because they can be used to harvest votes. It is only on the conservative side that these issues are taken seriously and are not just a means to political power.

The video above is from Gateway Pundit: Harvey Weinstein to Bill Clinton: “As I said, I Always Learn Amazing Things from You”.

Serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein told serial sexual predator Bill Clinton in 2012,

“As I said, I always learn amazing things from you.”

They were actually talking about oppressed women in India.

Wow! You just can’t make this up!

The only thing you need to wonder about the fact that this saga has gone MSM is where the even worse story is that this is the cover up for.