The Covid hoax

A letter from a friend.


Speaking for myself, from very early on I have entirely thought of the Covid-19 “pandemic” as a hoax that has been seized upon by the left in the United States as a means to engineer the Democrats to a win in the election in November. The origins were in China and occurred either by chance or design, but once it had occurred, the dangers were seized on and amplified by the left to create the panic we now see. Everything else the left has tried had come up a bust, the American economy has performed better than possibly at any time in anyone’s memory, the Deep State and its media cohort have been exposed, and at long last there has been some kind of border protection put in place. Trump was in an unloseable position whereas now it is no better than 50-50.

As for conspiracy theories, that is all there are in politics. Every political strategy requires all kinds of people to do their part with no scripting or instructions required. Every so often there are lone players, such as Lee Harvey Oswald. The rest of the time, however, there is a general theme that is played out where everyone on both sides understand the agenda, with those promoting the agenda all making up their own means of contributing towards its fulfilment, and those on the other side doing what they can to push back. So the theme on the left was – We must do everything we can to limit the spread of death and destruction from this deadly virus. For Trump, there was no serious choice but to take this hysteria seriously, and whatever he may have personally believed, to do all he could to limit the spread of the virus. So he stopped the borders, supported lockdowns and put Dr Fauci out in front to call the shots. The rest of the world, either because they too had no choice but to play along, which in all cases required them to do something, or because they were on the left and understood the game in play, amplified the horrors by working out their own response to highlight how bad things were and how Donald Trump had screwed up the response. Meanwhile in Democrat states, everything was done to make the pandemic appear as dangerous as possible. The actions taken in New York by Andrew Cuomo were not errors of judgement but undertaken to raise as much concern as possible.

In Australia, for whatever reason, nothing happened. No major pandemic, no deaths beyond the normal seasonal total for the flu, and no real contribution to add to the hysteria other than to suggest there was no need for it.

Which brings me to Daniel Andrews who has not for nothing been called the Andrew Cuomo of Australia. It’s not as if he blundered. Everything he has done has been deliberately aimed at creating as much media-driven alarm as possible in the midst of absolutely nothing statistically of significance. But the media are also playing along to the fullest extent they can as one would expect so you would think we were back to the Spanish flu once again.

I cannot therefore promise you that you will survive the Covid panic without some kind of damage to yourselves or families, but that is far far more likely than that you or anyone you know should come to any serious harm. The harm you should worry about, and this is much more serious than anything else that might happen, is that Joe Biden should become President. That you have had the possibility you might die within the next twelve months raised by 0.005% is hardly worthy of a moment’s thought.

How can any sane person not support Donald Trump?

You know, anyone who does not want Trump to win re-election is as politically empty as anyone can possibly be. I therefore continue to marvel at The Oz, and Greg Sheridan in particular with his article today: In strange times, Donald Trump can still win this election. What makes these time so strange is that Joe Biden has even been nominated never mind that he might yet win this election.

On November 3, barely 90 days away, will the gigantic, fantastic, psychedelic, unbelievable reality show of Donald Trump’s presidency come to a crashing halt, and the sleepy, somnolent, simpering tones of Uncle Joe Biden, Great Uncle Joe, replace the orange-haired tweeter-in-chief?

Unbelievably empty. Shallow. Inane. Want some more?

Trump is running on four issues: who is best to revive the economy; law and order; China; and Biden’s manifest weaknesses.

He is not running on how he handled the COVID-19 pandemic, which is still raging, with new milestones this week. US cases are nearly five million, with more than 155,000 dead. Florida broke its record for daily deaths. Other states have been posting nasty records. Many states, Republican and Democrat, are imposing new restrictions.

Seems a pretty conclusive pro-Trump case to be running on who is best to revive the economy; law and order; China; and Biden’s manifest weaknesses. Also on sealing the borders. And then there’s Portland, Seattle and a few other rundown and misbegotten Democrat cites beyond that.

As for running on how he handled the China flu, see the video above.

Was Andrew Bolt got at?

At the same time as I was writing this yesterday:

Andrews is the most vile premier this state has ever had. We have had incompetence before, also immense waste and hideous policy formation. But if he is really forbidding the use of HCQ on people who will otherwise die, this man is actually evil.

Andrew Bolt was publishing this:

This won’t please many people. But we should thank our political leaders — even Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews — for how they’re fighting like hell to stop this virus.

I asked my friend who had written to me about the HCQ ban in Victoria why they cared so much and he replied:

Lefties acting in sympathy with their US counterparts. If the drug is seen to be working here it would undermine the narrative in the US.

Which now leads to this just now: Tougher NZ-style lockdown looms for Victoria.

After 723 new cases and 13 deaths — including 10 in crisis-hit nursing homes — on the worst day of the pandemic, the national medical expert panel is understood to have considered the need for sweeping new restrictions to further ­reduce movement.

Are we really going to shut down the whole state because old people are dying in our mismanaged age-care homes?

Looking back at Looking Backward

If you have never read Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward: 2000-1887 you really should. There are so many ways to savour its uniqueness that it just has to be sampled on one’s own. A man, for reasons explained in the book falls into deep sleep in Boston in 1887 and wakes up in the year 2000 into a socialist utopia, or at least as much of a utopia as could be imagined in 1887.

To get some sense of the book, there is this Looking backward at Edward Bellamy’s utopia written by the incomparable Martin Gardner in 2000.

Gardner is much too kind to the book. What I find so fascinating is that our reality today has so far transcended the best imaginable socialist universe that could be conjured in the nineteenth century. No one today would swap our reality for what had been seen as the near perfect world as it had once been conceived.

PDT continues to be the President

This is from President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing The White House – Video and Transcript…. As it says, “On his way to Texas, President Trump stopped for a brief press conference with the media prior to departure.” Won’t see any of this on our ABC. If you just wish to read what he said and not watch, just go to the link.

And then there is the video below is from Democrats Have SURRENDERED In Portland, Agree To Demands From DHS And Trump, Abandon Antifa Leftists. It seems like the strangest idea for an election campaign to tear down your city centres but then they are the ones who are insane, which they prove more comprehensively every day. How do they get any votes at all? It’s a mystery.

From the link.

Democrats Have SURRENDERED In Portland, Agree To Demands From DHS And Trump, Abandon Antifa Leftists. While Democrats are framing it as a victory this is actually a conditional surrender. Perhaps due to the far leftists making Democrats look bad and helping Trump they have agreed to the demands of the DHS and Trump to bolster local law enforcement and protect federal building. Oregon will deploy State Police to assist Federal law enforcement. If the Feds are convinced that the far left has been quelled and antifa violence will stop then they will remove the extra officers deployed. Essentially all demands of the far left have been crushed. Bill Barr warned just the other day that if the far left wasn’t stopped by state officials it would get worse. Then the next day they announce exactly what Barr wanted, state officials will stop the riots in Portland.

I have seen much less of The President in the news lately. I am just wondering if they have discovered that for normal people, the more they see of Donald Trump, the more they like both him and what he does.

Murder incorporated health care division

It’s not as if this HCQ stuff will harm you other than in very exceptional situations. It’s that if you are old and falling apart, the CV-1984 is likely to kill you. And it’s also not as if there are not plenty of doctors who actually believe HCQ will prevent you from dying and that it will even cure you. Here’s the short version: Hydroxychloroquine Lowers COVID-19 Death Rate, US Study Finds

And this is the very long version but at least give it a start. Hear him say, “we are letting patients perish unnecessarily.”

Andrews is the most vile premier this state has ever had. We have had incompetence before, also immense waste and hideous policy formation. But if he is really forbidding the use of HCQ on people who will otherwise die, this man is actually evil.

Politicised medicine

AND AS I WAS SAYING: President Trump talks hydroxychloroquine.

President Trump during a Tuesday White House briefing discussed his belief that the drug hydroxychloroquine can be helpful in combating the coronavirus, though he noted that the debate over the drug has become a political issue.

“I can only say that from my standpoint and based on a lot of reading and a lot of knowledge about it I think it could have a very positive impact in the early stages, and I don’t think you lose anything by doing it, other than politically it doesn’t seem to be too popular,” the president said. “You know why? Because I recommend it. When I recommend something, they like to say, ‘don’t use it.’ “

The point is, of course, that there are cretins everywhere that would rather people died than use a remedy that has been suggested by the President of the United States. There really is no excuse for such fools in politics but they are everywhere. People even vote for them.

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Victorian Premier Dan Andrews says federally regulated aged-care providers are struggling to maintain staffing levels and basic standards of care. Picture: David CroslingFront page story in The Oz: Coronavirus Australia: Governments argue as elderly death toll rises with Dangerous Dan gracing the page online. Apparently, “Daniel Andrews said he would not send his mother into federal homes, prompting Scott Morrison’s Health Minister, Greg Hunt, to retaliate by declaring the deadly outbreak was a result of the state government’s bungled hotel quarantine regime.” For Dan to criticise anyone demonstrates how beyond shame and remorse this fellow is. He is great at creating wasteful building projects to employ construction workers (btw how are the tunnel and the train lines going?) but for anything to make Victoria the place to be, he is a complete waste of time.

Let me however raise the issue of Hydroxychloroquine. Apparently it really does stop Covid-1984 in its tracks and there is plenty of evidence for its effectiveness. But if the choice is dead people or demonstrating that Donald Trump might have been right about something, well that’s how it’s going to be. This from Instapundit today.

SHUT UP,’ THEY EXPLAINED: Donald Trump Jr. Suspended from Twitter For Sharing Video on Hydroxychloroquine.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Why is Twitter waging war on science? Hydroxychloroquine Is ‘the Key to Defeating COVID-19’, Says Yale Epidemiologist.

This is Dr Simone Gold discussing HCQ:

This is further discussion on AMERICAN DOCTORS ADDRESS COVID-19 MISINFORMATION WITH SCOTUS PRESS CONFERENCE which brings more to light.

Expertise is now becoming a very tarnished coin. Neither you nor I know the true answer to what will or will not work, but HCQ is absolutely ruled out while Victoria becomes the New York City of Australia (and I don’t mean that nicely). BTW did you see Dr Fauci at the baseball yesterday without a mask? I’ll bet he knows plenty about how dangerous CV-84 is that he never says in public.

“The biggest embarrassment on campus”

Mark Steyn writes about Mike Adams. I had never heard his name before but this is the saddest story I have come across in the academic world. Go to the link and read the story yourself and then listen to the audio with Rush Limbaugh. There is insanity everywhere, but academic insanity in the United States must surely have reached its peak, although perhaps not.

Cultural inappropriation

Maine Coon - Cat Lovers Show Melbourne

Must say, when I arrived here from Canada back in 1975 I was quite astonished then to find Coon Cheese on sale. A North American impossibility both then and now but an absolutely nothing-at-all here in Australia. It is just the name of a cheese, named after the man who invented the blend, and a cheese that I happen to like very much. Different words in different cultures. You just get used to boots and bonnets. It’s the Australian way, which means it is our way. I could add that the main clothing brand in Canada is Roots, which definitely would not work out in Australia.

Let me go even further. When our latest pussycat joined our household – eight years ago – turned out she is a “Maine Coon” which is a breed of cat whose name no one seems to bat an eye at, neither here nor in North America. She is, after all, a Maine coon. Let me continue with three letters to the editor at The Oz the other day.

I fail to understand why Dr Stephen Hagan would spend so much time and effort on an issue such as Coon cheese (“Era ends as Coon cheese name cut”, 25-26/7). As a person who has worked in outback NSW and Queensland as well as living and working out of Port Augusta in South Australia and travelling to site work in the Northern Territory and Western Australia, I have seen the plight of remote Aborigines first hand. There will be no Aborigines in Port Augusta doing high-fives or cartwheels over the renaming of Coon cheese.

Hagan spent the first seven years of his life in a camp outside Cunnamulla in southwest Queensland before moving to a new house in town. Being a high achiever, he attended boarding school in Brisbane and, among other things, went on to become one of Australia’s first indigenous diplomats. He then became a lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland — good on him, a great career. It would seem, though, that Hagan’s circle of fellow activists and like-minded colleagues are not in sync with the real needs of Aboriginal people in the areas I have mentioned.

Shane Porter, Elanora, Qld

Ignoring the merits of the decision by a Canadian company to change the name of a well-known Australian product, it is worth noting Aboriginal activist Stephen Hagan’s ironic call not to let “conservative social commentators dictate their narrative on what is right and wrong”. Arguably, this name change is an example of another, and ascendant, brand of activists dictating their narrative on what is right and wrong.

David Finch, Forestville, SA

According to the genealogy website Ancestry, there are several origins of the name “Coon”. Anglicised Gaelic — “O’Cuana; Anglicised German – “Kuhn”; Anglicised Dutch — “Coen” or “Koen”. A whole lot of people to chase down because of perceived racist names. Then, of course, we have the 35 people listed in the Australian White Pages with the name “Coon”, plus their families.

Racism is a sad blight on civilisation and should not be accepted in any form. Sadly, I think pursuing dreamed up racism is counterproductive and aligned with the conjured up targeting of statues and monuments because someone thinks that these commemorate things that today we regret.

Peter Strauss, Mt Eliza, Vic

It is why I think Australia is the last sane place left in the Western world. As a dinky-di Aussie-Canadian, let me just suggest the name should be left as it was.