covid COVID C-0-V-I-D!!!!!!

There are a lot of people being terrified by their own governments about one of the most seemingly benign diseases ever to strike a population. Covid is not cholera, typhoid, the bubonic plague. It kills old people with “comorbidities” who are probably dying from the comorbidities. American hospitals are given thousands of dollars for each Covid patient they deal with so their numbers are obviously inflated, and the tests to detect Covid are deeply flawed with many false positives. Which brings me to this: How Phony Coronavirus “Fear Videos” Were Used as Psychological Weapons to Bring America to Her Knees.

If you were online during January 2020 you likely saw the barrage of video clips that were supposedly coming out of China depicting ghastly “Coronavirus” scenes.

Most of those videos have been quietly wiped off the internet, but back in January and February those grisly videos were a viral sensation and they scared the sense out of Americans.

The videos captured supposed Coronavirus victims in various stages of pandemic horror. Some showed people foaming at the mouth and collapsing in the streets, while others featured ominous government officials wearing Hazmat suits, hovering over lifeless bodies struck down from the virus.

It was a virtual buffet of fear-porn, and Americans couldn’t get enough of it.

Personally, I saw hundreds of those videos. The comments from people sharing the clips would range from sarcastic “Just the flu” type stuff — intended to mock and shame anyone who tried to downplay the seriousness of the virus — to wild conspiracy theories claiming Coronavirus caused brain swelling, spontaneous convulsions, and instant death.

I have put this video up before but how are we going to get people off this terror-path our governments have put before us if we don’t remind people of what is being done? Just click and then watch. You’ve seen it all before anyway.

In any case, go to the link above to read through the efforts made to terrify us. There is an agenda afoot and when it has played out in full, if we allow it, we will regret it.

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