How many instances of a “rare” occurrence do there have to be before they are no longer seen as rare?

Honestly, what can one make of this: Georgia Clark: 27-year-old Australian reporter hospitalized with pericarditis 10 days after Pfizer injection, encourages others to still get the injections

And to the above, let me supplement this: Panic Porn: Media Buried Key Detail About Florida Teachers Dying Of COVID.

Here in Free Florida, we are quite used to the Democrats’ never-ending fear-mongering and hyperbolic attacks on Governor Ron DeSantis. And we see right through both the national and the local partisan bias, a bias that often entails “shock” headlines that bury the facts.  This is what President Trump accurately labeled “fake news.”

Take, for example, these recent hysterical and (intentionally) misleading headlines from the Democrat propagandist media:

  • Insider: “Three teachers died of COVID-19 within 24 hours in Broward County, Florida. Schools there are defying Gov. DeSantis’ ban on mask mandates”
  • CBS News: “Four Broward County educators die from COVID-19 within 24 hours, as Florida’s battle over masks in schools continues”
  • Ocala Star Banner: “COVID deaths of 4 Marion school employees leads to push for mask mandate”

The fact that these deaths were amongst teachers is supposed to be specially significant, but as the article points out:

What’s missing? A lot. Not the least of which is that the school year has not even started in Florida, so not one these teachers died “in the line of duty” and as a direct result of DeSantis barring masking mandates, as is intentionally implied by the media’s feeding frenzy.

And I am also curious what might happen when Ms Clark decides to have children assuming she ever does. I wonder if she wonders about the same thing herself. I bet she does, but I am even more sure she will never say so in public.

2 thoughts on “How many instances of a “rare” occurrence do there have to be before they are no longer seen as rare?

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  2. Anecdotal but here it is anyway.

    I see a neurologist every 3 months and we often chat about normal stuff
    The other day we chatted about vaccines and straight faced he looked at me and said something like “1 in 100000 getting blood clots is pretty good odds”

    He then went on like an expert …

    One of my clients is originally from Florida
    Two of her mates are anti-vaxxers and they both got the cough
    now one of their mothers is in hospital dying.

    So there ya go, from an expert … a Professor, no less …. the mum of a mate of a one of his customers who is 15000km away is dying because I’m unwilling to have the Clot-Shot

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