Mad, Saad and dangerous to know

From The Abyss of Infinite Lunacy by Gad Saad. We really do live in crazy times. 

The rate at which our society is sinking into madness is truly bewildering:

1) It is now racist for a white person to translate the work of a black person

2) It is now homophobic for a straight actor to play a gay character

3) It is now racist for a white therapist to treat a black client

4) It is now racist to have advanced high school programs

5) It is now transphobic for biological females to reject having to compete against trans women (biological males)

6) It is now Islamophobic to criticize any tenets of Islam

7) It is now science denialism to question the ongoing COVID lockdowns

8) It is now science denialism to question any tenets stemming from climate change alarmists

9) It is now epistemological bigotry to support the scientific method as THE means by which you adjudicate scientific hypotheses

10) It is now racist to argue that mathematics yields right and wrong answers

11) It is now racist to promote the ethos of individual dignity over collectivist identity politics

12) It is now racist to criticize a Noble Person of Color be it a famous athlete or celebrity

13) It is now transphobic to posit that only women menstruate

14) It is now racist to publicly proclaim your support for “wrong think” black individuals such as Thomas Sowell or Larry Elder

15) It is now misogynistic to note that women greatly outnumber men in universities

16) It is now sexist to publish scientific research that yields sex differences that are contrary to accepted politically correct orthodoxy

17) It is now racist to point to FBI murder stats broken down by interracial markers of victim and perpetrator

18) It is now racist to openly support national borders

19) It is now racist to seek to curb immigration from countries that espouse values that are deeply hateful and anti-liberty

20) It is now racist to not decolonize philosophy and literature departments

21) It is now racist to request that job offers be based on the merits of an individual’s dossier rather than on the use immutable traits.

Let me also add this: Has Everyone Gone Insane? Not everyone of course, not me or thee, and I’m never all that sure about thee. By Noah Rothman who writes:

Does Amazon really think that their app design could honestly be mistaken for Hitler? Does Hyatt actually believe CPAC’s stage designers embedded an obscure Nazi symbol into its program to signal an affinity for fascism—a semaphore that seems to have backfired spectacularly, seeing as only the conference’s critics got the message? Does Syracuse University really suppose that their own student [a female lacrosse player who posted a supposedly racist picture of her making an “OK” sign] is in the wrong here, and not the overwrought agitators on the Internet whose only joy in life seems to be making others miserable?

The answer to these questions would be valuable, but they are also beside the point. Whether they believe it or not, they say they do. Or, at least, they think they have no choice but to say they do.

It’s all part of being “in” and not “out”. The madder whatever it is you must say you believe the easier it is to work out who is not playing along.

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