Why don’t they release the CCTV footage?

There is actually a video of the night in question when Brittany was escorted into Parliament House which she has herself asked to see. It’s mentioned here, Brittany Higgins: Security guards ‘unlocked office’ for alleged Parliament rapist along with other things that seem to have been dropped from the way these questions are discussed at the moment.

CCTV that is continuously monitored 24 hours a day in Parliament House showed the male staffer leaving with no sign of the woman.

“Two went in, but only one came out,’’ a former security officer told news.com.au.

This is the second reason security officers returned to Senator Reynolds’ office to determine what had happened to the woman who had been brought in “falling down drunk” and barely able to sign her own name.

They found Ms Higgins disorientated and half-naked in the Defence Minister’s office, where she had been left by the male staffer who had brought her there.

Despite this, it appears there was no immediate sense from the DPS that a sexual crime may have been committed.

Release the footage and then let us judge for ourselves.

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