Niki Savva savouring the moment

Cartoon: Johannes Leak

From Christian Porter: Scandal may yet rebound against Morrison:

Labor will not back off, nor will friends of Porter’s accuser, which means neither will journalists. It means it will remain a serious problem for the government when parliament resumes, and it means Porter’s political career is destined to end. That is the reality Porter now faces and that Morrison has to deal with.

Barely a day has passed since Brittany Higgins’s rape allegations against a Liberal staff member were made public three weeks ago without her story, or other allegations of abuse, dominating the news cycles.

A government that prides itself on its control has been thrown off course. At some point the damage will be reflected in the polls. If Coalition MPs are not troubled by the principles involved, and many of them are, that will make more of them even more apprehensive.

One of the ongoing problems for Morrison with these scandals that have engulfed his government, that have the potential to bring them all down — scandals have been known to do that — is that his explanations for his ignorance about them stretch credulity, not just with the media but among those familiar with the way government works, including the people who sit behind him.

No doubt speaking for The Australian itself. Gutter journalism at its worst.

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