Marxist-Leninism in Victoria

This is from Ronald Reagan:

“How do you tell a Communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”

Just came across the quote today at Ace of Spades. Had said something similar just the other day but not quite as well.

What seems essential for the future is that everyone becomes educated in the Leninist addition to Marxism. Lenin added into the mix how the capitalist system could be overthrown. He was a strategist. We are watching Leninist practice before our eyes.

The point Reagan was making was the same as mine, that unless you understand Leninist principles and practice you will have no idea what is going on when you are dealing with a modern Marxist. And if you think you can reason with such people, or can point out their mistakes in the hope of getting them to change direction, you are as misguided as it is possible to be.

Daniel Andrews will drive the Victorian economy as far into the ground as he can if we let him. We are dealing with a committed Marxist (who might also be nuts but that is something of a side-issue right now).

I will just point you to something that occurred a few months back that went on before your eyes but with no general understanding of the Leninist principles that lay behind Adem Somyurek and the branch stacking story, which basically led to Somyurek – a leading member of the ALP right – being driven from a position of influence within the ALP in Victoria. Have you ever seen a political leader move so rapidly to get rid of someone on his own side from within his own government? From the ABC on which side you know they are on:

After a summer of bushfires and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews now finds himself dealing with a disaster in his own political backyard.

Andrews yesterday promptly sacked Upper House MP Adem Somyurek from his Cabinet post after the Nine Network aired derogatory comments Somyurek made about Gabrielle Williams, the Minister in charge of boosting respect and safety for women.

Somyurek also stands accused of industrial-scale branch stacking, and the use of ministerial staff for factional activities, which he denies.

My advice is that the Prime Minister do everything to ensure Daniel Andrews cannot continue along the path he has chosen. If he is allowed to continue he will bring the entire country down. He is not working for the common good. To think he is merely trying his best to deal with Covid is not demonstrated by any facts in existence.

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