What do statistics have to do with it?

Now that we know almost every official number of Covid deaths is a gross exaggeration, continue with this from the front page of The Oz

Daniel Andrews is locking Victoria and the national economy into a long and ugly grind towards Christmas, with grave consequences for many businesses.

This is the depressing consequence of the severity of Victoria’s second wave.

No one wants to be here; the document that charts the way forward for Australia’s second-­biggest state is a horror show for tens of thousands of businesses employing millions of people.

The Andrews measures are even tougher than many were expecting. The business reaction has been blistering. And the political consequences will be lasting.

Right, so obviously what comes next is something along the lines of call off the dogs. I’m afraid not.

But anyone who has kept a serious eye on the coronavirus numbers will know the current infection rate is still too high to ­justify any significant reopening of the economy.

The infection rate!!! Not the death rate, which is trivial and focused on people of a certain age with an average of 2.6 “co-morbidities”. In the meantime, since nothing can be done about the fools, simpletons and hysterics running the place, it is obviously time to just lie back and enjoy it. Although I will endorse Robert Gottliebson’s view that A third mistake by Victoria will mean it’s time for intervention assuming there is some form of intervention. This is Victoria’s Captain Queeg moment but there will be no mutinies on the Good Ship Victoria. All doubters will be made to walk the plank.

BTW the official death rate in Victoria is 666 dead out of a population of 6.5 million, which comes to 0.01%, which is one death per 10,000.

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