Ruining you is just the aim

People still think of socialists as well-meaning and on their side. I watched the trains go by yesterday, half a dozen passengers on each at most in the middle of the day, but running on a normal weekday schedule. The state is already bankrupt but going further and deeper each day.

Dan does not care about anyone. He is an ideologue of the left. He wants power and he hates private business. To trust people like that with power is an invitation to disaster. Covid was a chance occurrence but it is exactly what Marxists keep their eye out for.

“Please don’t ruin us.” Don’t you simpletons understand anything? That is exactly what he is out to do.

What seems essential for the future is that everyone becomes educated in the Leninist addition to Marxism. Lenin added into the mix how the capitalist system could be overthrown. He was a strategist.

We are watching Leninist practice before our eyes. Every public servant still working with the private sector being shut down. And, of course, virtually no one is dying while our freedoms are.

The other aspect is that Dan is basically a coward along with being a bully. His lack of intelligence is just an added feature. I just saw the other day a story about how there has been no back burning in the forests as fire season approaches because we cannot afford it.

His cowardice is shown in how he will happily attack the weak but never attacks anyone capable of fighting back, in this case the union movement.

What else is being demonstrated for the congenitally stupid is evidence that a centralised economy can continue to “work” as in we can still get by with these dictatorial powers in place. Who needs free enterprise? If this were a national government, we would be heading straight into Venezuelan territory, and there is no certainty at this stage that we will even avoid it now.

Understanding how Lenin operated: From Mack in the comments.

It’s all spelt out there: “Andrews quickly became known as a factional hardhead. A long-term Labor player puts it this way: “Daniel was the first one to go to war in every internal battle. He was the one saddling up saying, ‘Let’s kill the person.’ ” “Any perceived internal enemy, or even someone who feels threatening to him, is frozen out, socially and professionally isolated. In cabinet, Andrews….. is supremely confident in his own views and sometimes unyielding. Criticism is met with anger and, for these reasons, few challenge him.”

Let me add the following from the article to flesh things out a bit.

To make things worse, Andrews now has the cover of the pandemic to hide anything that might have been going wrong before (the budget was looking shaky and the West Gate Tunnel project has been bogged in commercial dispute). O’Brien opens with a question about Andrews’ signing of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The deal, which promises cooperation between Victoria and China on policy, infrastructure, trade and finance, is controversial, putting Andrews at odds with his federal Labor colleagues, the federal Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and all other states in Australia….

Despite all sorts of scandal and controversy, from using taxpayer money to fund campaign workers to spending $1 billion on dumping the Napthine government’s East West Link road, he’s won two remarkable elections, vanquishing Denis Napthine’s Liberals in 2014 (the first single-term government since 1955) and then the “Danslide” election in 2018, which gave him a huge majority of seats in the lower house. (In 2012, when, as opposition leader, he was identified by focus groups as “the guy who looks like an accountant and hunches”, Andrews sought the advice of former prime minister Paul Keating. What did he want to know? I ask Keating. “About the getting of power and the use of it,” Keating says. “He had a hunger for power … and the leadership gene.”)

But the picture that emerges is consistent: Andrews, they say, is loyal to his office staff but as party leader, can be vindictive and demands total fealty. Any perceived internal enemy, or even someone who feels threatening to him, is frozen out, socially and professionally isolated (such as former emergency services minister Jane Garrett, who found herself shunned by Andrews, and the minister for the prevention of family violence, the late Fiona Richardson, who the Premier refused to meet with for many years)….

Heading into the pandemic Andrews … was rolling out a popular $70 billion Big Build infrastructure program, funded mostly by debt and the leasing of the Port of Melbourne to a private consortium (it includes the level crossing removals; the Metro Tunnel, a major upgrade of the city loop with five new underground train stations due to open in 2026; and the West Gate Tunnel Project, an alternative road to the often bottlenecked West Gate Bridge, due to open in 2023)….

So he’s dominant, yes, but also, watching him in parliament, I wonder if an arrogance is creeping in. He shows a worrying dislike of transparency, with successful freedom-of-information requests at their lowest in five years.

… “Our Premier has done his best to cruel the city,” Grant Cohen, owner of the city’s beautiful Block Arcade shopping precinct, told The Age. “The only thing missing from the city is the tumbleweeds.”

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