My life matters

Police talk to a man in a park near the Victorian Parliament building in Melbourne ahead of possible anti lockdown protests on Saturday. Picture: David Crosling

Who are these protestors out on the streets of Australia today endangering the lives of the rest of us? Police out in force as anti-lockdown protesters take to streets. Who cares about any of this – Victorians are staring into an economic abyss – when Covid-19 might shave a day and a half off the life expectancy of the average Australian.

Daniel Andrews may be a low-IQ psychopathic authoritarian thug but cometh the moment cometh the man.

So what if future generations will look back on us as the greatest collection of simpletons ever to have called themselves Australians. They will have no idea of what terror is when we have lived through a period in time when 0.0024% of the population has been carried off – or at least partly carried off since most had other co-morbidities – by this global pandemic.

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