I yam in the grate saten

In New York, in fact. The main purpose of my trip was originally to debate the author of a book called Seven Bad Ideas in Economics about Say’s Law, which was bad idea Number 2. The venue was to be at Freedomfest in Las Vegas. In the end, he decided discretion was the better part of valour, and so, I will be having that debate, with me taking both sides. As I tell everyone else, I will be having a one-man show in Vegas.

But other stops along the way as well, which mostly includes meeting and discussing authors I am bringing together in my Modern Critics of Keynes, of which there are hardly any. These are economists who have each already written extensive critiques of Keynesian economics. If you can think of more than two, you are doing well. I am happy to say that on a previous such appeal, I was given one name that will now appear and star in this volume. Given how few there are, this was a reason for serious gratitude.

Meantime, blogging will be lighter than usual.

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