Donald Trump and vaxxination

I have a friend who keeps urging me to get with the program on vaxxination. His central point was that I should follow Donald Trump since I had thought he was a great president and he has been advocating getting the vax.

I thought that was absolutely typical of the way the left thinks about issues. You have the party line from which no deviations are permitted. It’s one of the reasons I almost never discuss politics with anyone on the left. Aside from how shallow their arguments invariably are – assuming they are even willing to get into such discussions with me which they usually are not – there is no reason to bother since everything they believe is their own cut-and-paste version of what can be found in the local versions of The New York Times.

Of course, for me I choose who to follow according to whether they hold views that are close to mine, rather than I follow the leader in whatever views they might specifically have. I therefore went to look to see whether I had ever mentioned that on the issue of vaxxination that I followed a different course. And the first thing I noticed is that I have hardly mentioned PDT since January. But that secondly, that I had actually said something about him and vaxxines, although it was way back in April. This was the post: Vaccine irony. And this is what I said:

President Trump obviously meant well when rushing a vaccine to availability.  He had no idea that Fauci had been funding that lab in Wuhan, that despite legal prohibition of gain-of-function (making known viruses more lethal) experiments in the US, he was funding that research in China as well.

And no doubt he had meant well, but as the post specifically states, that does not necessarily mean everything had worked out as he might have hoped.

Time will tell. Unwillingness to trust governments will actually mean something this time.

And oddly this came up just yesterday, from CNN. This is what the issue was:

Dr. Jonathan Reiner reacts to President Donald Trump telling the Wall Street Journal that he “probably won’t” get a Covid-19 vaccine booster.

And this is what his comment was:

Almost intentional sabotage.

These lefties! PDT brings these experimentall vaxxines into existence within a year at ‘warp speed” as he says, but gets no credit.

And I might note that the President had even had Covid, but was cured almost overnight. How he was cured so rapidly has never been publicly stated, but it was with either HCQ or Ivermectin.

In regard to Ivermectin, you really need to read this: Ivermectin for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 63 studies. This was the bottom line.

“Ivermectin is an effective treatment for COVID-19.”

Anyone who says anything else is complicit in mass murder.

5 thoughts on “Donald Trump and vaxxination

  1. Whenever Trump states taking vax he always adds caveat ‘but it is up to u’. Lefties are not good at caveats, they want everything simple like ‘govt will look after us’ etc

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  4. Steve, after watching Dr Reiner Fuillmich’s discussion with Dr David Martin, I think DJT was taken in by Fauci and Big Pharma.

    Martin said that the patents were registered before the pandemic. Since he’s a patents expert and said that anyone can look them up – he recited the patent numbers on the vid – the whole thing, including the societal panic brought about by the Dems etc, down to the mail-in voting corruption benefited, among others, Big Pharma.

    Since there was always going to be the full and complete disruption of society once the virus emerged(?), holding out until DJT “lost” meant that the architect of cheaper medicines would be overthrown. Only then did Big Pharma announce the vaccines were ready for large scale release.

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