Vaccine irony

Vaccine resistance and Covid fear within families begins with two paras, each with a message of its own, but each just as I see things myself.

It would be funny if the stakes were not so high, but political differences within families seem to fall along the same lines as party differences.  Who could have predicted that all those Trump haters who swore they would never submit to a vaccine that President Trump had brought to market with Operation Warp Speed are those who now are lining up like bleating sheep to get vaccines that are experimental? Or that millions of those who support the former President are much more likely to be wary of the four vaccines now available?

All one has to do is visit the websites of the vaccine manufacturers themselves to discover that those big pharma companies do not claim that their jabs can prevent Covid or its transmission.  They claim only that they may reduce the severity of symptoms.  And as the number of serious adverse reactions and even deaths by vaccine mount, those who have succumbed to the media fearmongering and Biden administration heavy-handed promotion still ignore the many, many obvious factors that mitigate against all four of the vaccines,  all of which may have serious consequences down the road when other viruses come along.

Here then are the last three paras which have messages of their own.

President Trump obviously meant well when rushing a vaccine to availability.  He had no idea that Fauci had been funding that lab in Wuhan, that despite legal prohibition of gain-of-function (making known viruses more lethal) experiments in the US, he was funding that research in China as well.

He and his cohorts at NIAID resemble mad scientists who for twenty years had been dying to experiment on human beings using mRNA despite having no idea what the long-term effects may be.  And the fact that Bill Gates has been in on this scheme for years should give everyone pause.  He is a known depopulation advocate who, at the same time, funds mass vaccinations around the world, sometimes with murderous results.

What do we do to protect the grandkids?  Try to convince their vaxed parents not to submit their children to what is an experimental trial with potentially lethal consequences.  The use of these vaccines is an affront to essential medical ethics.   Throughout history, parents and grandparents have strived above all to protect their progeny, but with the onslaught of mass media, toxic social media and the wholesale censorship by those who control what and how information is disseminated to the public, the once-revered wise counsel of the storied family trust has been sorely dissipated.  To paraphrase the words of Thomas Paine, these are truly the times that try men’s souls.

Time will tell. Unwillingness to trust governments will actually mean something this time. And then there is this I picked up at Small Dead Animals.

Sebastian Rushworth, M.D. is a Swedish physician;

“As mentioned, 132,000 people had received the Astra-Zeneca vaccine in Norway when this was discovered. And at least five of those people developed this new disease state, which the authors of the case series are calling VITT (vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia). If we assume (generously) that every case of vaccine side effects gets reported, that would mean an incidence of around one in 26,000. […]

“These case series show that a number of previously healthy young people have so far been killed by the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. Considering their age and underlying health status, the risk to them from covid-19 itself was infinitesimal. For healthy young people it is not at all clear that the potential benefits from the covid-19 vaccines outweigh the potential harms.

“That doesn’t just go for the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. It goes for all the vaccines. It is quite possible that new revelations will arrive over the coming months concerning the other vaccines too. Now would be a good time for governments to change vaccination strategies, halt all plans to vaccinate healthy young people, and instead only vaccinate those who are at substantial risk of serious outcomes from covid-19.

“It is unethical to vaccinate healthy young people until it is clear that the benefits to them outweigh the harms. At the present point in time, that is not at all clear.”

A thoughtful and reasoned piece.

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