Fear around the virus was “way out of proportion to the actual threat”

Picked up at Small Dead Animals in Canada, but it’s about us, and includes the video above of Chris Kenny: Fear and Loathing Down Under. The note with the video on Youtube reads as follows:

The Menzies Research Centre’s Nick Cater says the “fear factor” over COVID-19 is “out of hand” after a poll revealed people believe on average there is a 38 per cent chance of dying from the Delta strain.

Mr Cater said it was clear to him the fear around the virus was “way out of proportion for the actual threat” but the figures are surprising. “I had no idea until I saw this polling conducted this week that it was that high … that people actually think there’s a 38 per cent chance of them dying from the Delta variant,” he said.

He said a main cause of the fear is the government’s actions which causes unnecessary panic in the public. “It’s natural that people are fearful, but I think their fear is only exaggerated when governments do really exaggerated things … like locking down for one case in South Australia. “Of course people are going to start thinking this thing’s dangerous.”

While I’m at it, I will include a number of comments from SDA.

We’ve all been promised … granular data … by our unelected Ministers of Health. Deep State bureaucrats dedicated to “keeping us safe”. But what they are NOT doing is “keeping us informed” … they’re keeping us FRIGHTENED. Why? Because it’s a proven methodology to keep us obeying the centralized State. Their words don’t match the data. Not even close. Their words don’t match the science … not even close. This is all FEAR PORN rhetoric … without a speck of science. Kinda like how our West Coast Heat Wave is part and parcel of our 2-year “drought” which is all “caused” by global warming and our sinful cooking with Nat. Gas.

They can call it a vaccine, but, from their own literature, it does not do any kind of job of preventing the illness. Call it an experimental gene therapy as it does not have full approval or testing anywhere in the world. Those getting the jab are the trial. And with the number of people getting COVID after the jab, and the number of adverse reactions, in previous times, it would have been stopped post haste.

It’s a rotating circus. The Powers that Be are going, “They aren’t acting scared enough, we must lie to them!” The Mob are going, “They are lying to us… we can’t trust a word they say….”

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