Scare-mongering politicians, the media and covid are a lethal combination

Covid FACTS is an interesting summary of where we are now at, or at least more factual than most of what you read nowadays. This is mostly about Australia, and where I look at things differently it is over whether vaccination has had any effect on the death toll, which I highly doubt. Still, this is a useful approach to thinking about the political mess we are in. And it is a political mess, not even remotely a medical crisis.

As reported on October 20, [2020], 73 per cent of Australians who have died with COVID-19 had at least one (and often multiple) other pre-existing comorbidities, death certificate data reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show.

These included dementia (41 per cent), chronic cardiac conditions (32 per cent), diabetes (17 per cent) and hypertension (16 per cent). The average age of COVID-19 deaths in Australia is 85 years – above the age of life expectancy.

Yet our scare-mongering politicians and bureaucrats have terrified millions of relatively healthy and non-elderly people to believe they are at serious risk of dying or getting very sick from the virus….

In the face of hysterical daily news conferences by premiers to announce case numbers and obliging media hyperventilating, it’s largely been forgotten that – so far – nobody who has caught COVID-19 in Australia this year has died. Barely anyone is seriously sick….

Total recorded deaths in Australia last year were broadly steady at 141,116 as registered by February 28, 2021, according to preliminary ABS data. Because of COVID-19-related restrictions such as social distancing and lockdowns, respiratory disease deaths fell 16 per cent as influenza and pneumonia cases plunged in a mild flu season.

But offsetting that was cancer deaths rising 4 per cent, dementia deaths jumping 7.3 per cent and diabetes deaths increasing 9.1 per cent.

With our political leaders and health bureaucrats consumed by COVID-19, they have neglected other health problems and may have shifted deaths to other causes because of cancelled health check-ups during lockdowns.

How we get out of this mess is now getting more difficult to work through. There is money to be made and political agendas to fulfil, with half the population stupid enough to be spooked by all of what is going on.

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