Health fascism

A bit of modern etiquette explained to us via The Age/SMH: My higher-ups flout mask rules in the office. What should I do? What should you do? Why you should dob them in.

Most people at work don’t seem to pay attention to the COVID-19 mask rules. I’m in a state where masks are mandatory indoors, but hardly anyone wears one, not even the higher-ups. It makes me feel uncomfortable being at the office. What should I do? This is such a common question – my fellow Australians, what is going on?! We are in a global pandemic; we all dread lockdowns, and no one wants to help spread the disease. Unless you have a medical reason not to …. just wear the damn mask. If there are any people at your work (of any seniority) deciding not to wear their mask when it is mandatory to do so, then it is your bosses (and their bosses) responsibility to fix the problem. It should not be on you to have to police this. That said, the bar has well and truly been set as to what can happen to anyone who decides to put their colleagues’ health at risk. Your bosses should count themselves lucky you have not contacted Crimestoppers already (big shout out to the person who role-modelled how to be a community-minded citizen and dobbed in the Deputy Prime Minister for not wearing his mask).

We are not alone, it seems: Majority of Britons Back Continued Mask Mandates, Would Feel Unsafe Without Them. Given the terror on the streets – not the kind of people who would have faced up to the Nazis – it seems that Boris is much more tough-minded than you might otherwise have thought: Covid: Most rules set to end in England, says PM. Showing the way:

Face masks will no longer be legally required and distancing rules will be scrapped at the final stage of England’s Covid lockdown roadmap, Boris Johnson has confirmed. The rule of six inside private homes will be removed and work-from-home guidance abolished as 16 months of on-off restrictions on daily life end.

But then we are being cautioned here about our lax attitudes to vaccination: Australia’s COVID Catch-22. This is how it begins and ends.

Last year Australia was a COVID-19 success story. Just 30,274 cases and 910 deaths in 26 million people was something to celebrate. But now America and Europe are getting on with vaccinations and learning how to live with the virus. Australia is faltering with embarrassingly few vaccinations and new lockdowns…. The challenge ahead is to transform these into meaningful action on the vaccine front and for politicians to provide leadership. Every effort should be made to learn from overseas—such as the latest trials showing that mixing vaccines is more effective—to speed up the rollout. They should call in the military logisticians behind Britain’s speedy rollout and the scientific expertise from the United States to expand manufacturing. It will then be necessary, once the population is vaccinated, to have an adult conversation about how COVID-19 is not going to disappear from the face of the planet. Australia did well at the start of the pandemic. But learning how to live with the virus is going to take a little while longer.

The “problem” is, of course, that no one is dying and hardly anyone is even getting sick. I think (hope) underneath that our PM may well be somewhat of a Covid Skeptic, but given the nature of the constitution and the role of the states, there is little he can do to open the country up.

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