“This therapy … is reasonably suspected of having killed thousands of people and created serious injury in tens of thousands”

Is that actually true? The quote above is from Canadians Aren’t Being Told About Vaccine Risks written as a guest post on Donna Lafromboise blogsite by John Cunnington who is a former McMaster University associate professor. After a 38-year career as a respirologist and internal medicine physician, he retired in 2018. Here is the passage that should stop you in your tracks. He is talking about Canada.

Our federal and provincial governments are engaged in a program of administering to the entire Canadian population above the age of 12, a completely new, untried, experimental, non-FDA approvedgene therapy treatment. This therapy, according to US and European government adverse vaccine reaction databases, is reasonably suspected of having killed thousands of people, and created serious injury in tens of thousands. Meanwhile, the long-term consequences of the therapy are simply unknown….

Most Canadians taking the shot have no idea that there is a risk of blood clotting disorders, such as pulmonary embolism and stroke, of life-threatening immune processes such as vaccine-induced thrombocytopenia, or that young people taking the shot are at risk of the potentially fatal complication of myocarditis (nor are they informed that the risk of Covid itself is almost negligible for the young and healthy). 

If you wish to read further, by all means, but what you see here seems to be as forthright and clear as anything you might find anywhere to set out the risks and the dangers in being inoculated by any of the Covid “vaccines”. Is he right? Who knows. Nobody knows, and if they do know, they aren’t telling. We may not actually know for many years to come much about what is taking place right now. The only evidence I have that we are being systematically misled is what I have learned about Ivermectin and HCQ, both of which almost certainly seem to stop Covid in its tracks and both of which are almost universally condemned across the established medical landscape.

And to add to the above there is also this: mRNA vaccines appear to be damaging red blood cells.

Citing experts at the Meedan Digital Health Lab Reuters Fact Check vigorously asserts that the spike proteins induced by the COVID vaccines do not kill or damage cells.

Perhaps so, but something from the vaccines is causing deformations and apparent inflammation in red blood cells, as evidenced by images from microscopy photos. Images of blood cells taken before and after the vaccines can be seen starting about two minutes into the five-minute video. Postvaccine red blood cells exhibit rough instead of smooth edges, irregular shapes, and grouping together over time which is described as the “beginning form of thrombosis,” or blood clots. More research is needed to determine exactly what is causing these cell deformations.

There are also numerous tiny white particles in the photographs which are presumed to be lipid nanoparticles (LNP). The delicate mRNA fragments from Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are encased in LNP, which serves to protect the mRNA from disintegrating before it can do its job in our bodies. Pfizer conducted a biodistribution study where they injected rats with bioluminescent RNA-encapsulated LNP, and found that the LNP had travelled not only beyond the injection site, but throughout the circulatory and immune systems, and had accumulated in virtually every organ in the body.

Meanwhile, Spain and Russia are reportedly advising citizens to avoid air travel if they have been vaccinated for COVID-19. It’s common knowledge that flying frequently, especially on long distance international flights, can cause blood clots, but talk about mixed signals! What’s next, nonvaccination passports? The takeaway here ought to be that whether or not someone gets vaccinated should be a personal decision, and that the practice of forcing people, especially students and younger adults, to get vaccinated, should be abandoned.

We ought to be able to trust our medical authorities to inform us of what is going on and provide the information that will allow everyone to assess the risks. We are in the strangest situation where I feel I am able to trust various websites far more than anything told to me by public health officials or what I am reading in the newspaper or seeing on TV. 

AND ALSO NOW THIS: Thousands Of Women Report Period Problems Potentially Tied To COVID Jabs.

Complaints focused on “heavier than usual” bleeding, and it’s possible that this could have affected many more women who didn’t think to report their issues. The majority of issues were reported by women aged between 30 and 49. ;

So far, at least, MHRA says that there’s no evidence that it should add period complications to the list of side effects. That is, the “current evidence” don’t suggest an “increased risk of period problems following the jab, the regulator said.

But others are calling for more data to be collected. For example, Dr. Sue Ward, vice-president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, said “anecdotally some women seem to be reporting heavier periods after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine and we would support more data collection in this area to understand why this might be the case. If you do notice any bleeding that is unusual for you, we would recommend you contact your doctor.”

Complaints haven’t only been seen in the UK. In the US, some women have taken to Reddit to share their experiences.

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