It’s the vaccines themselves that will take you down

The Pandemic Is Over; Shots are Worthless is the title, but it’s more than that. It is about how we have been gulled into a trap set by some of the worst people ever to lead our nations. Here is the main message but the whole thing is worth your time. The bits in bold are from the author, not me.

If you tamper with this process with non-sterilizing vaccines that have nearly-universal coverage you can cause highly-virulent strains to circulate without being suppressed since the vaccinated person is both unlikely to be visibly ill and being vaccinated, if you make a public spectacle of it, means people won’t be afraid of them if they display symptoms even though they should be.  This is how you get a break-through of a highly-virulent strain that has many times higher fatality rates, and if it happens you’re ****ed.

That was a risk we ran but fortunately the shots were both too late and there are too many hold-outs for this to happen.  When uptake started to slow in the US I pointed out that a Marek’s disease nightmare, which was originally one of my concerns, was almost impossible because there was a large reservoir of people who refused the shots (myself included); their side effect profile bothered me a lot, they looked more dangerous compared to my risk from the virus and, in addition, I knew of and had early treatment options the media, government and pharma wanted suppressed and did suppress including HCQ, Ivermectin and now, it appears, some SSRIs.

This is a debate we all should have had in the open but, of course, we did not because social media, governments and so-called “experts” all conspired together to prevent it.  This is not conjecture nor a conspiracy theory; Youtube will kick off their platform anyone talking about early treatments.  Indeed Peter Kory had his Senate testimony removed by Youtube for this reason.  Imagine that — formal, sworn testimony before The US Senate is deemed “misinformation” and removed from your view.

Never mind the rest of the media which has all decided collectively to do the same thing and lie, costing hundreds of thousands of lives in the US alone.

Journalists are some of the dumbest people on the planet, worse than school teachers. Nothing you get from the media should ever be taken as true [maybe football scores and yesterday’s temperature but not much else]. We are being led down a garden path with only a slight idea of where we are to end up, but where we will end up will almost certainly be in the interests of those who doing the leading and not in the interests of those who are being led.

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