The American system of injustice

It’s astonishing that this Chavin verdict in Minneapolis is not seen as the scandal that it is. This was chosen as the Best comment at Powerline which seems to sum it up.

So much for due process in America. The judge allows selection of a biased jury. The biased jury operates in a fortress atmosphere, knowing that the city will burn and the jurors will be in danger if they vote not guilty. The judge allows all sorts of improper rhetoric and opinion testimony by expert and lay witnesses alike (kids are allowed to say the defendant “murdered” Floyd; a kung fu dude is allowed to play medical expert, a purported medical expert is allowed to speculate as to how much oxygen is in Floyd’s lungs by watching videotape, etc.). The State is allowed to use a pro bono army of lawyers against a single defense counsel. The media poisons the jury pool. The President and Congresspersons stridently seek a guilty plea to further poison the jury. The defendant is found guilty of felony murder even though he was not committing any felony (felony murder is when someone is killed in the course of an armed robbery, etc.) This was as fair as a trial in Mississippi in the 1920s that you see in the movies. And everyone will cheer, and no one will defend due process. It is just too convenient to throw away the defendant’s rights so that BLM doesn’t riot. And here we are in 2021 America.

Worse than “mob justice”. That the entire political establishment of the United States, from the President on down, are united in agreeing on a conviction of a man who was trying to stop a criminal in the midst of a crime. 

Then there’s this, about the “insurrection” at the Capitol.


They never cared in the slightest about Officer Brian Sicknick. They had just spent months glorifying a protest movement whose core view is that police officers are inherently racist and abusive. He had just become their toy, to be played with and exploited in order to depict the January 6 protest as a murderous orgy carried out by savages so primitive and inhuman that they were willing to fatally bash in the skull of a helpless person or spray them with deadly gases until they choked to death on their own lung fluids.

He’s right of course. If you support BLM then you necessarily support the routine verbal abuse of police officers as racists akin to the Klan. So it was very curious that a police officer would suddenly become the hero of this same group of progressives apart from the politics of doing so. In fact, you may recall people were simultaneously claiming Sicknick was a victim of the mob and that the same Capitol Hill police had treated BLM protesters unfairly. He was both a victim (where needed) and a perpetrator.

QED: Guess what Maxine Waters requested before going to Minneapolis.

Not to mention Ashli Babbitt who was murdered before the world but the killing and the killer have been suppressed and protected. This is apparently the chap who shot her to death at point blank range.

More details here.

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