I’ve looked and they are a bunch of socialist thugs

Don’t look like your typical conservatives to me.

Plus this.

As for what PDT thinks, the American “free press” has stopped his twitter account and will not report what the actual President of the United States is saying.

Plus a few comments picked up from elsewhere.

These so called pundits, bloggers, writers. elites, media, and congress idiots don’t care what happens to anyone but themselves. I didn’t used to believe it but 50 years after my first vote was cast I have come to believe it. Sure they espouse the correct beliefs and write or speak about them at length. But they are as removed from the majority of people as the Far Left is. The people who have lost their jobs, their businesses, their contact with family and friends, their right to disagree with so called PC/SJW, their ability to travel and shop, their right to worship as they want, and now their vote. What did they expect people to do? They still have their jobs, etc. so it’s easy to sit back and shake their finger and make inane suggestions. I say inane because at this point it is too late. The die is cast and you can’t stop the roll. So McManus, Powerline. Hot Air, etc. and all those so-called Conservative politicians, we just don’t care what you think.

The truth is that neither the Democratic or Republican Party denounces violence by the left. And both the Democratic and Republican parties denounce “violence” by the right … even when the only “violence” which has occurred is an unarmed conservative woman getting gunned down by police while petitioning for redress of grievances.

We have been denied the soap box. Big Tech is deplatforming us. We have been denied the jury box. The courts refuse to hear our cases. We have been denied the ballot box. The voting process is broken, fraud is rampant. We only have one more way to counter this crap. There is only one more box.

The realist in me says that I’ve never seen more scared Democrats than since Biden “won” the election. I think the reality of what happened with the vote is messy, but I do know that it sure looks like the left is losing on every single front.

– People are fleeing blue states
– Blue cities burning to the ground
– Gun rights more popular than they have been in a very long time
– Democrats super unpopular with small business owners
– People moving in with families
– Big Tech being assailed for their cronyism and abuses
– Teacher’s unions less popular than ever
– People wanting private schools because the public schools are closed
– Lockdowns have even people in LA disliking their government

Why today? Political violence has been a tool in this country for the last year, used with precision to take down Donald Trump. But today, the waves shifted. And suddenly we all have to condemn political violence because the people who own the megaphone demand it? Because the left demands it?

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