How did PDT achieve so much surrounded as he was by so many enemies?

Of course, the supreme good was he prevented Hilary from being president for the past four years. And he revealed how vile the Deep State is, although much good knowing it now will do us. And he ought to have shown us that the media are completely untrustworthy, but instead taught us how stupid most people are about the source of their freedoms and prosperity given how willing they were to be led down garden paths. But he still has friends, aside from me, who will remember Donald Trump as the greatest, bravest President of our lifetime. You are guaranteed never to see his like again no matter how young you are or how long you live. You have witnessed the fall of the American Republic and its replacement with a fascist state. Here is a sample among those who have stayed the course.

Sarah Hoyt

AGAIN, THE QUESTION IS, WHAT ELSE COULD AMERICANS DO? WHAT OTHER AVENUE DID THEY LEAVE US?  The crowd in the Capitol. For years I’ve told the left that when they used fraud to win, they’d broken the feedback mechanism.  It didn’t mean their ideas were winning, that people agreed with them, or that they were safe. It was the equivalent of breaking the fire alarm and thinking they were safe from fires. What I never expected was to hear the right condemn the people trying to break out of the burning building, because they don’t hear any fire alarms.

Ace of Spades

Good morning, kids. Wednesday and as we had all dreaded – although it’s not official – the two senate seats in Georgia are about to be stolen. Yet again, as I have no doubt that had the presidential election not been stolen from us nine weeks ago, those two seats would have been clearly won that night as well. And just like nine weeks ago, the vote counting has been stopped for the night in Chatham County, which I believe includes the city of Savannah, where our friend Jane D’Oh lives. No doubt she is either in a drunken stupor or tearing her hair out while no doubt, pallets of clean crisp ballots are being trucked in all neatly checked off next to the names of Ossoff and Warnock. Who is to blame for this, along with what happened on Election Day? Or put another way, which is worse; the Enemy who with malice aforethought rigged the election with the direct or indirect help of the Communist Chinese via a biological/psychological weapon in the form of a virus as a pretext to allow mass ballot dumping, or the Republican Party that did nothing to stop them before, during and after the fact, and then screamed bloody murder at anyone who complained? Whatever happens with this fiasco, and then another potential fiasco in Congress starting today with at least some decent souls standing up and objecting to the Electoral College results, America as we knew it and loved it, or at least perceived it is gone.


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