You cannot trust the media on any political story

I was going to leave this alone for a while but waking to The Oz and its front page banner story – Paul Kelly was never fit to be a journalist – has reminded me where so many of our problems lie. Let me therefore remind you that this was not the Storming of the Bastille, but a protest that ended up inside the Capitol. Stealing an election can get a lot of people hot under the collar. So let’s see if we can find a little balance. Start here.

Democrats And Media Want Us To Forget They Encouraged Rioting For Months. We Shouldn’t..

It is being demanded that we view yesterday’s events in DC as if they occurred without precedent, in a vacuum, nothing of relevance preceding them. Right-wing Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building, vandalized, fought with police, wreaked havoc, and there was no catalyst for any of it, no underlying reason, other than Donald Trump and his incitement. That is how we are meant to see it. But if we see it that way, whatever lessons we take from this week will be the wrong ones. We do not need to widen our lens very much to see that the rioting and violence on Capitol Hill this week happened after many months of violent left-wing riots, all of which were defended, even romanticized, by prominent voices in the media and government. It is not “whataboutism” to point this out. It is not “whataboutism” to observe that this latest bit of chaos did not erupt in a void, mysteriously disconnected from all events that came before it. The simple fact is that left-wing mobs spent the entire summer and much of the fall reigning chaos upon our cities and leaving burned buildings, looted stores, and dead bodies in their wake. They did this in DC as well — multiple times, in fact, over the summer — and the aerial shots of the city after their “protests” looked like something out of Baghdad in 2003.

Then there is this: Evidence Emerges Of Antifa Infiltrating Capitol Hill Protests where you find this. Go to the link if you would like to see the evidence.

And here’s an interesting question along the same lines: Why Was Founder Of Far-Left BLM Group Filming Inside Capitol As Police Shot Protester? That is, he was filming the fatal shooting of a woman inside the Capitol.

Filming the incident from behind Babbit, however, was Utah resident John Sullivan – founder of the far-left organization “Insurgence USA” who made headlines in July after he was arrested for intimidating drivers in Provo. Sullivan was interviewed by the Daily Mail and CNN following Wednesday’s shooting – both of which failed to provide a satisfactory answer as to why he was there in the first place.

Then for a bit of history, recent history: House Dems Unanimously Block Resolution Condemning Violence and Rioting. This is from June 25, 2020.

House Democrats unanimously blocked a resolution condemning acts of violence and rioting—including the “deliberate targeting of law enforcement officers”—in the wake of George Floyd’s death. The resolution, which was introduced by Rep. Greg Steube (R., Fla.) late Thursday morning, condemned Floyd’s killing at the hands of police, calling it “inconsistent with the values and conduct expected of law enforcement officers.” The resolution also supported peaceful protesters, but it noted that protests have been “exploited by violent extremists” carrying out “acts of violence, looting, destruction of business and personal property, and additional loss of life.”

As for freedom of speech and fostering debate, this is more than typical: Facebook and Big Tech Ban President Donald Trump, Classic Alinsky Methods Deployed. Such vile scum in charge of the flow of information. Go to the link to see what was said in this case by Facebook.

The Saul Alinsky playbook “Rules for Radicals”, the roadmap to target political opposition, has been the primary strategic tool in the arsenal of Obama-era operatives for the past several decades.  One of the key strategies outlined is “freezing your opposition” and contains three elements: Isolate, Ridicule, Marginalize. In the modern era these same strategies were applied over social media through the control mechanisms of Big Tech platforms. Today, that crew made their biggest move to date.  Facebook Announcement.

Meanwhile, Hypocrisy thy name is media.

Wednesday was proof that how corporate media and Democrat politicians report and comment on acts of civil unrest depends upon who is engaged in the rioting. Six months ago The New York Times, which has been described as the national “newspaper of record,” made excuses for rioters who attempted to take over the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon. It reported that “the nightly assault on the federal courthouse has been part of a much wider peaceful resistance … that began assembling nearly two months ago in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of the Minneapolis police.” The Times continued, “the aim, as it has been in other cities, was to assemble for sweeping police reform and racial justice.” Reporting on Wednesday’s protest in Washington, D.C., The Times’ “peaceful resistance” suddenly became a “mob.” Instead of “assembling,” the protesters engaged in “rampage” and “chaos,” incited by President Trump, which became a “part of his legacy.”

And etc. Meanwhile, the President-elect got into his typical call for unity, found at Joe Biden Reminds Everyone He’s a Political Coward in Disgusting Speech

The media are liars and hysterics. Not a word they utter on politics can be trusted. It is like reading Pravda in the old days of the Soviet Union. You read what they say and want you to believe to work out what really happened instead and where the truth actually lies.

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