Being stupid is not a barrier to political success

Let me add a bit more on Daniel Andrew’s lack of intelligence. Being stupid does not mean one does not have other attributes that might make for political success. The school bully is seldom the same person who sits on top of the Honour Role.

When I say he is stupid, what I am saying is that he is unlikely to be able to make sense of complicated arguments. You will not be able to reason with him since he has his own agendas, he is too thick, not just to follow what others are saying, but is bored by such things.

We policy types like to sit and discuss ends and means with a specific matrix of theoretical and practical considerations that lead to various conclusions that are embedded in policy proposals which are then implemented. Daniel Andrews has never shown the slightest ability or interest in any of that. He’s a brute with his own ideas of what to do, who wants his own way at all times and is determined to get it, however much harm he may do. He is a far-left Marxist-Leninist without the slightest interest in creating an environment in which the private sector can succeed. And he is as dumb as a box of rocks as well.

Reading the comments from the previous thread brought two things to light of particular interest to me. This was from Rohan:

In fact, Daniel Andrews has botched every single thing he has done. He has not had a single success in anything he has done since becoming premier. Try to find anything he has achieved with all the billions he has gone through. Victoria was already bankrupt even before the virus arrived. Dwell on this from the link.

It wasn’t just his current stint as Premier either. Remember the ER waiting times where people were waiting over 24 hours on gurneys to be admitted as a patient, when he was health minister?

Remember how he told the bureaucrats to fudge the figures so he wouldn’t look bad but the front line ER docs blew the whistle?

Remember how he never addressed the root cause of the problem and it only got better after the LNP won in 2010?

Because he can’t solve problems. But he has rat cunning, is a master in the art of bullying, obfuscation and lying his arse off to cover for his lack of intelligence and practicality and common sense.

Then there is this from Tim Neilson commenting on the six years it took for Andrews to get through his pass degree at Monash in politics and classics. I was surprised by the classics which does show some intellectual interest but see below:

He is of above average intelligence by today’s standards. He has a BA, majoring in Classics and Politics. Granted, that is not what it used to be, by a long shot, but stupid people don’t earn such degrees, even today. There is real work and intelligence required, even today.

It’s pretty difficult to fail an Arts subject if you hand in assignments and turn up to exams.

The Classics should have more rigour than some pseudo-disciplines. However, Andrews would have had the Classics belted into him at his Catholic school. Then he could go back to square 1 at Uni and get a Classics minor in his pass degree pretty much just off what what the Brothers had strapped into him.

As for a Politics major, if you think pass marks in that required anything much more than “four legs good, two legs bad”, you’re sadly overestimating Australian universities.

Yes, he’s not full illiterate level stupid, but his pass degree in the Arts doesn’t mean that he’s got any real intellectual ability.

He has superficial polish and a determined ruthlessness which work for him. He is also well supported by the many many standard-issue cliches of the left on being kind and caring and the evils of capitalism. I am only pointing out his vast intellectual limitations to help explain the predicament we are in. And how useless it would be to try to talk him out of the kinds of things he is doing that are ruining the State.

I don’t say that intelligence is the be all and end all of political ability or even common sense. Universities are filled with people whose political views are unbelievably idiotic. What I am saying is that Andrews stands out as much stupider than the average and his limitations are having a terrible effect all over the place. He is certainly doing much to ruin the Labor brand in Australia.

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