Demanding justice

To demand “justice” is demanding an abstraction with no concrete specifics. Let me turn to this from The Atlantic, another American lunatic left-side publication: America Is Giving Up on the Pandemic. Turns out that the Corona V was a bust as a certain means to defeat Donald Trump so the American left is off on another tangent:

After months of deserted public spaces and empty roads, Americans have returned to the streets. But they have come not for a joyous reopening to celebrate the country’s victory over the coronavirus. Instead, tens of thousands of people have ventured out to protest the killing of George Floyd by police.

Demonstrators have closely gathered all over the country, and in blocks-long crowds in large cities, singing and chanting and demanding justice. Police officers have dealt with them roughly, crowding protesters together, blasting them with lung and eye irritants, and cramming them into paddy wagons and jails.

So what’s the next step on the road to Justice? After all, some kind of practical suggestion is required to bring us closer to nirvana. Here we go:

Majority of Minneapolis City Council signs pledge to disband police department.

NRCC turns up heat on vulnerable Democrats over [Ilhan] Omar’s call to abolish police. 

NYC Mayor de Blasio plans to defund the police.

The only symptoms of disease I see are symptoms of insanity. Alas, there is no cure other than a dose of reality but by then it will be too late.


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