The Corona Virus Syndrome Q&A

What is the Corona Virus Syndrome
Feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases by those who have been forced into a lockdown by these victim towards those who have enforced the lockdown

Corona Virus syndrome is a psychological response which occurs when individuals who are forced into lockdown situations bond with those who have enforced self-isolation and quarantine. This psychological connection develops over the course of the days, weeks, months, or even years of being locked down and being deprived of freedom and rights.

Corona Virus Syndrome is a coping strategy which individuals who are put into lockdown may develop. Fear or terror of developing some disease that is empirically almost certain not to harm them might be most common in these situations, but some individuals begin to develop positive feelings toward those have introduced and have been enforcing the lockdown.

Is the Corona Virus Syndrome a form of brainwashing?
The idea of brainwashing not being a new concept does have many similarities. The reactions of those in lockdown may be described as the result of being brainwashed by their captors.

Is ‘political trauma bonding’ the same as the Corona Virus Syndrome?
The term ‘political trauma bond’ is one of the major forms of the Corona Virus Syndrome. It describes a deep bond which forms between the victims of a lockdown and their political abusers. Victims of such abuse often develop a strong sense of loyalty towards their political abuser, despite the fact that the bond is damaging to themselves emotionally and economically.

What does political trauma bonding mean?
A simple and more encompassing definition is that political traumatic bonding is: “a strong emotional attachment between an abused person in a lockdown situation and his or her political abuser.”

What does political trauma bonding feel like?
‘Political trauma bonding’ refers to a state of being emotionally attached not to a kind friend or family member, but to a political leader who puts individuals into lockdown by asserting that such a lockdown will provide longer-term benefits in spite of the short-term harm to their lives.

Can Corona Virus Syndrome be cured?
Since a person may have experienced mental, emotional and physical abuse during the period of a lockdown, it may take years for the victim to see improvement.

How do you break the cycle of political trauma bonding?

     10 Ways to break ‘political traumatic bonding’:

  1. Recognise that political leaders have agendas of their own that have nothing to do with your welfare.
  2. Stop being terrified about politicised issues whose dangers seem highly exaggerated.
  3. Start reality training both about such politicised issues and about the political leaders who promote them.
  4. Ask good questions and make certain the answers are consistent with the actions being taken. Remember the first priority for political leaders is personal power not your welfare.
  5. Do some personal research, and especially among those authorities who take a different position from the positions being taken by political leaders.
  6. Do everything you can to end lockdowns as soon as possible.
  7. Get out of the house, discuss what is being done with others and start socialising.
  8. Put your focus on common sense.
  9. Learn to read and interpret statistics.
  10. Identify political hypocrisy wherever you find it.

Are there any other similar syndromes?
There are a number of other such syndromes. These include the Global Warming Syndrome and the Socialist Central Planning Syndrome.

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