Tara Reade never heard of her

The one great shift in American politics is that the right has decided not to ever again spike its own candidates when attacked by the left for actions that no Democrats would ever have cared about if their own candidates were accused of the same thing. Tara Reade has a credible accusation of sexual predation against Joe Biden which no media organisation has in any way investigated. All this is discussed here: Joe Biden Exposes #MeToo Movement as Total BS

Let me count the ways in which Reade’s allegation is infinitely more credible than Blasey Ford’s…

  1. Reade can prove she knew and worked with Biden in 1993, the time in question.
  2. Reade is welcoming investigative reporters to scrutinize her story, whereas Blasey Ford refused to do anything other than hide behind her attorneys.
  3. Reade has two living witnesses whom she told of the alleged assault at the time, both of whom confirm she told them about it.
  4. Investigative reporter Rich McHugh found a third person, a person who worked under Reade at the time, who confirmed that Reade disappeared from Biden’s Senate office around the time the alleged assault occurred. This fits perfectly with Reade’s allegation of the retribution she faced.
  5. McHugh found a fourth person Reade told about the event some 15 years ago.
  6. Joe Biden has a long and very disturbing history of unwanted touching, kissing, and nuzzling — we have video after video after video of him behaving this way in full view of the public — even with children, so one can only imagine how he behaves when no one is looking.
  7. Reade said she filed an official complaint against Biden at the time. McHugh says if that complaint exists, it is locked up with Biden’s papers at the University of Delaware, and those papers are locked up forever.
  8. Reade filed an official police report against Biden last week and did so under penalty of prison if she’s exposed as a liar.
  9. Reade is a lifelong Democrat.

I’ve heard it said that the Dems like the accusation since it indicates that a pulse still remains within Biden’s carcass. He will never get to be the nominee, or if he does, they either don’t expect him to win or if he does, that he will die soon after, or if not that, that a committee of the presidency will do whatever they do and merely wheel Biden in for the signing ceremonies.

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