Illustrating the political divide

My post from The Age on Malcolm Turnbull’s dealings with Donald Trump underscores the sort of far left low life Malcolm was and is. But it’s worth bearing in mind that even at the end, when the Libs finally got rid of him, he commanded almost half the party room.

To understand a bit better the mentality of the kind of people who see merit in Malcolm, it is worth having a look at the comments section on the article at The Age I had quoted from. This is the comment which was overwhelmingly selected by those who went through the comments section as “most respected”. This is the comment that, it seems, most accurately reflected the views of the people who had read through all of the comments.

It’s all part of the job, as MT would have known this before he took it on. The American people did elect a lunatic and our far right wing politicians see Trump’s behaviour as pretty good, that is, anything you can get away while still holding the treasury benches is okay. Democracy is such a lottery, anyone can nominate and when they get elected their true traits come out. In Canberra Malcolm was from a different universe, well educated and successful while so many of the career MPs have done little else since they landed a ministerial adviser job at age 25 or so. These people no nothing [sic] about dealing with ‘normal’ human beings – they see everything from the prism of the Canberra bubble. My hope is the Libs and Nats implode – what a nice thought!

What overlap is there for those of us who are supporters of the American president with people who see things this way? Unbelievably ignorant, with not an ounce of common sense or understanding of anything. But they’re there, and in large numbers too. Useful idiots to the party leaders of the left though they may be, these “no nothings” will yet doom us to perdition.

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