Where this is headed and what the end game may well be

The Democrat long game with the longest game of all at the end. From Lucianne.com:

Rob Reiner Says Trump ‘Will Lose in a Landslide
Because Americans Will be Voting for Their
Left-wing Hollywood director and actor Rob Reiner is predicting that President Donald Trump will lose his reelection this November because “Americans will literally be voting for their lives.” While Reiner’s remarks are an apparent reaction to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, the director did not clarify how exactly he arrived at his prediction. “Trump will lose in a landslide because Americans will literally be voting for their lives,” tweeted the Misery director on Saturday. [Tweet] Saturday’s tweet is not Reiner’s only prediction about the president. In January, The Jerk actor suggested that National Security Advisor John Bolton could be of major value for Democrats during the president’s impeachment trial
‘The Worse, the Better!’ –
a Strategy of the Left
During the rebel Sixties, one could easily identify the ranks of the hardcore left by their constant predictions of a coming fascism and the evident glee with which they welcomed the prospect. Whether this was the product of a serious attempt to read the political winds, or merely a radical wish was irrelevant. They defended it as a strategy of “the worse the better.” In the 1968 presidential election, it was better to elect a fascist like Nixon than a moderate like Hubert Humphrey – that is, if you were serious about revolution.Of all my memories of the Sixties the revelations provoked
How the Obamas could easily win
eight more years in the White House
As the president of the United States shelters in place with the White House press corps, and Joe Biden gibbers senselessly into the GoPro camera in his Delaware basement, this fall’s national election has been thrown into a cocked tricorn by the coronavirus. Many of Donald Trump’s retail-politicking strengths — the huge rallies, his command of crowds — have been neutralized, and while he still has control of the narrative from his bully pulpit in the West Wing, the national media remains dead set against him, and puts the worst possible spin on every word he speaks.


Michelle for President has long been at the back of my mind as the intended strategy. I think it has only been Michelle’s reluctance that has kept this from boiling over, but with Biden’s senility unmistakeable, a new strategy will be imperative. And the less time there is to discuss what this means, the greater the possibility of pulling it off.

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