Is Romney angling for the Democrat nomination for President?

As we can see the President has their number, the Democrats have nothing and every one of them running for president is an almost certain bust. But Romney. Despicable scum that he might well be, will attract some from the conservative side although absolutely on the left in every way that counts. He almost knocked off Obama in 2012 until he decided to scuttle his own ship.

No idea if it is technically possible, but if it is, this is no doubt on his mind.

AND NOW THIS: From Instapundit.

SEE ALSO: KENNEDY, TED. Media suddenly fall in love with Romney now that his politics align with theirs.

Romney’s vilification by the press in 2012 was a key mile marker on the road to Trump. And as with the late John McCain, his Stockholm Syndrome-levels of seeking the proverbial “strange new respect” from those who clearly hate him is painful to watch.

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