Impeachment because the Dems have nothing else whatsoever

Trump will change what the word “impeachment” means to the country more than impeachment will change the Trump presidency. We are only days away from the word becoming meaningless.

Scott Adams

Multiple Democrats Vote Against Impeachment, Only Democrats Vote For It

History Will Judge Democrats Harshly for ‘Toxic Political Stunt’ Impeachment

Limbaugh: The 1 thing Dems haven’t calculated in Trump impeachment

Limbaugh On Impeachment Day: It’s Now Official, Media Knows They’ve Failed

The Party of Infanticide “Prayerfully” Considers Impeachment 

Donald Trump becomes 3rd president in US history to be impeached  – from our ABC

McConnell: Impeachment Process Senators Unanimously Approved for Clinton Is ‘Good Enough for Pres. Trump’ 

The Five Quotes From Trump’s Letter Most Likely to Make History

And this is what the President was doing while the impeachment vote was taken.


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